Sean Cantrell

“Pain is temporary, victory last forever.”

Sean Cantrell #43

Team Name: Troy Lee Designs/ Red Bull/ KTM
DOB: September 21st, 1999
Age: 18
Height/ Weight: 5’ 9”/ 145
From: Newbury Park, Ca
Current Residence: Murrieta CA
Career Highlights: 4 Loretta Lynn Championships
Start-number: 43
Series/ Class: 250 sx/mx
Favorite Movie: Wolf of Wall Street
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Hobby: bicycles/ basketball/ golf/ list goes on
Favorite Race Track: Ironman
What would you be doing if you didn’t race professionally? Baseball or fireman
What’s something the fans wouldn’t know about you? when I was 12 I played in Cooperstown New York for baseball