MTB Shorts

The best mountain bike shorts allow you to keep focused on your passion and look great doing it.  Constructed of lightweight, breathable, and stretch fabrics, TLD mtb shorts meet all of your trail needs.  Baggy shorts for casual riding, racing shorts with a close body fit and all styles in between, Troy Lee has the gear you want.  Our shorts are designed specifically with mtb ergonomics and fit as our guide.  Whether you charge downhill, grind XC,  live for BXM or let gravity be your guide, we’ve got you covered in style.

Air 2.0 Short Liner
Skyline Short Solid
Skyline Short Shell Dissolve
$56.00 $70.00
Skyline Short Shell
$56.00 $70.00
Skyline Short Dissolve
Ace 2.0 Short with Bib
Connect Shorts Solid
Moto Short Solid
Sprint Short Starburst
Sprint Short 50/50
Sprint Short Solid
Skyline Air Short
Terrain Short
Ruckus Short Solid
Ace 2.0 Short Chop
Ace 2.0 Short
Ace Short Distorted with Bib
$97.50 to $99.00 $195.00
Ace Bib
$104.00 $130.00
Air Bib Liner
$68.00 $85.00