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  • Girl's Lunch Date - Amanda Cordell ›

    By: Steve Lloyd  |  12-18-14

    Amanda Cordell has a hard time keeping lunch dates, but thats ok because this girl can shred!

  • Lars Sternberg - Loam Ranger ›

    By: Scott Secco  |  12-18-14

    LOAM is a term I try and refrain from abusing. It used to be a word used only to refer to those really special conditions, days spent so deeply engulfed within it, that it was hard...

  • Stevie Smith & Brendan Fairclough in 'Trigger... ›

    By: Action Cam  |  12-18-14

    How do downhill mountain bikers Stevie Smith and Brendan Fairclough cover every possible angle of a trail? A remote control car, little green men, a rocket launcher, and cameras li...

  • Fatboy - The Shred Days of Christmas ›

    By: Specialized  |  12-03-14

    What’s better than a brand new Specialized Fatboy under the Christmas Tree? How about taking it out on its maiden voyage and shredding with Mitch Ropelato.

  • Beyond The Bike Episode 8: Cam Zink ›

    By: DirtTV  |  12-03-14

    Fact: There is more to Cameron Zink than meets the eye. Yes, he hits features that leave us slack-jawed. Yes, he’s seemingly unshakable when it comes to fear. And yes, he really ...

  • Karin Pasterer - Holi Dirt ›

    By: Karin Pasterer  |  11-18-14

    Good thing to have creativity and action sports in todays education! This edit was produced for a school project by three young austrian ladies: Magda Fraunschiel, Barbara Eichhorn...

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