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TLD History January 2, 2012

  • Marvin Lee, Pasadena Roadster Club - Bonneville, 1949
  • My Grandmother and Grandfather when my dad was about a month old.
  • Marvin Lee, 300 cubic inch Ford Flathead '32 Ford Roadster turned 121.00 mph at El Mirage 1947.
  • My Grandfather Marvin Lee (right) getting ready for Bonneville Speed Trials.
  • The original Troy Lee, flat track racer, and my namesake.
  • I called my dad about this photo. 'That car jacked you up for life! Check out the American mag wheels and blown Chrysler engine!' - Larry Lee
  • Larry Lee rolling out the new toy at Sears Point in the mid-70's.
  • An old sign off the 1951 GMC Pickup I worked out of.
  • Nevada City Hillbillies: (left to right) Carrie, me, and Kelly.
  • Do-It-Yourself: Making helmet visors on the punch press.
  • That's me in the paint booth, working on some numbers.
  • Showing my nephews how to paint.
  • The early years of the TLD paint shop.
  • Here I am with some of the old classic helmets.
  • Thanks to Jody and Motocross Action. I ran my first ad with them and the phone started ringing.
  • My first products: The original visor (left) and the Aero 2.
  • The first ever Troy Lee Designs helmet sticker kit.
  • Our very first helmet: The Daytona.
  • The old showroom at Wild Turkey.
  • Some of the classics are now in my permanent collection.