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Safety is at the forefront of developing protective equipment.

Troy Lee Designs has exclusively developed several new safety features into some of our helmets, starting with the D3.

Dual Density Shock Pad System

With the debut of the revolutionary D3 Action Sports Helmet, Troy Lee Designs has introduced an important advancement in impact management the exclusive Troy Lee Designs Dual Density Shock Pad System.

The use of strategically positioned Dual Density Shock Pads on the inside surface of the EPS liner provides a primary impact material of lower density than the deeply channeled EPS. This advanced shock pad layer provides low speed impact absorption and a noticeable improvement in comfort and durability, for irritating and frequent lighter hits that might otherwise cause damage to the delicate single impact EPS.

Emergency Cheek Pad Removal System

Troy Lee Designs helmets are designed for all situations, including emergencies. The cheek pads are attached to the helmet using strategically placed hook and loop fasteners. If a rider crashes while wearing a Troy Lee Designs helmet, and need assistance removing the helmet, a rescuer can remove the cheek pads by pulling downward on the red emergency pull tabs while holding the helmet in a stable position. This will create more space between the rider's head and the helmet. Once both cheek pads are removed, the helmet is much easier to remove from the injured rider.

Note: This system may not work in all types of accidents. Consult with medical or emergency staff before removing the helmet of an injured rider. This procedure details the functionality of a Troy Lee Designs helmet, but should in no way be used as a guide for handling a rider with any level of injury. Rescuers must have sufficient knowledge when handling an injured rider, including standard EMT/EMS procedures.
Helmet User Manuals (PDF)
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D3 Action Sports Helmet (5.2M)

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