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Warner Wins Mark Hahn Havasu 300 2014

PWC - Lake Havasu City, AZ

Craig Warner of Mission Viejo, CA, took the overall win at the 300 mile personal water craft race held Saturday at Crazy Horse Campgrounds.

As the sole pilot of his watercraft, he was able to complete the 30 laps in 4:31:24.775. This was Warner’s first victory competing in the race ironman, but not his first win at the Mark Hahn Havasu 300 Ironman. In 2009, he and his partner, Victor Sheldon took the overall win.

Warner started his racing career in 1998 and has won six national titles, four world championships and four Long Beach to Catalina Championships.

“It’s always a pleasure coming to Lake Havasu City to compete,” Warner said. “The weather was fantastic and I thank the promoters, Crazy Horse Campgrounds, and Lake Havasu City for hosting the event.”

The standup class is probably the most difficult to race as the body really takes a beating on the 10 mile lap.

The three man team of Lake Havasu City’s own Chris MacClugage, and cousins Aaron and Andrew Gewecke took on that challenge completing 20 laps in 4:30:50.145.

“It was a good solid race and I really owe a huge thanks to Macc Racing Training School for the conditioning to be able to compete.” Aaron Gewecke said.

In the past, MacClugage had competed in the event racing the runabout class, winning the overall on a runabout in 2013 with France’s Jean Bruno Pastorello. This year he registered in both the stand up class as well as the runabout class. Macc was close to taking the overall in both classes until mechanical issues took them out of contention.

This is the 10th anniversary race for the Mark Hahn Havasu Memorial 300 race, which was renamed after the passing of Mark Hahn.

Mike Follmer, the race organizer, teamed with DSM events to promote the inaugural race in 2004, with only 27 entries. The event has now grown to nearly 60 entries. This year there were 14 countries represented during this one day event, including France, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

“It was a race to honor our fallen friend and has now become an event that is recognized around the world, not only to compete, but to win it, Follmer said. “Fifty to 60 world class competitors would love to have this win on their resume. It’s about the friendship and camaraderie of the talent old and new.” “The completion record for the race is 4 hours and 12 minutes, and some day that will be broken,” Follmer said. “It is definitely a race that can be lost in the pits. The fastest pit time ever seen was 30 seconds.”
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