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Valentin Teillet Races Main Event in Anaheim 1

AMA Supercross - Anaheim, CA

For his first ever race in the US Supercross, Valentin Teillet reached his goal and qualified for the main event in the opening round of the series in Anaheim. Seventeenth in the final, he will have higher goals for the next rounds and aims to enter soon in the top ten.

Between Europe and the United States, there is not only the Atlantic Ocean! If you look to the Supercross events, there’s a huge difference between European races and US races. Valentin had only raced Euro SX before Anaheim, and he discovered another world when he had a first look at the track.

Since his arrival in the US one month ago, Valentin never stopped training and testing, but never in his life has the Bud Racing Kawasaki Monster rider faced such a technical track! The first practice was really difficult, but Valentin improved his riding after each session and finally qualified for the main event. He ran ninth in his heat race before a race incident with another rider sent him to the LCQ where he qualified with a strong 2nd place.

With one more race than his rivals and a bad position on the grid, the goal was to gain experience and to finish the race. Finishing in 17th place, Valentin scored his first points in the US series, and will spend another week training on some technical tracks to prepare the next round, scheduled for next Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona.

Valentin Teillet:
"The first practice session was tough, as I never ride on such a technical track, and the races were pretty difficult too. I grabbed the holeshot in the last chance race and qualified for the main with a second position; that was my first goal here, to go in the main event. With a bad position on the grid I missed a good start, and I was not riding relax. In my career I’ve been sometimes too excited, made mistakes and got some injuries; for this US experience I wanted to take it step by step and that’s what we did. For sure I expect to be in the top fifteen and then in the top ten as soon as possible, and we’ll continue to train hard. I’m pleased to have such a strong team behind me, my bike was perfect this weekend and Jacky helped me mentally through this event. I have to be more relax at the next races.”
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