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Valentin Teillet: California Dreamin'

AMA Pro Motocross - VurbMoto Interview

  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto
David Bulmer / VurbMoto

Valentin Teillet lined up for Glen Helen onboard his Kawasaki 250, then six days later he was at St Jean D'Angely for the French GP on a 450. We spoke to him here and were left in no doubt where he'd rather be racing fulltime…

You’re back in France, back in Europe. How’s it feel?

It doesn’t feel so good. In USA everything was big and good. Like last weekend it was a dream for me to ride in Glen Helen and the track was very big. The organization was good. The level was impressive. It is why I like motocross. When you come back to Europe, the tracks are not the same. It’s different. I prefer to race in the US.

What are the reasons for this?

A lot of big differences. The main difference is that the tracks in USA are much faster. When they groom the track it’s much more deep. In France the tracks, they are very hard. You have the ruts after the first practice and the ruts stay until the end of the day. The bumps are very big braking bumps, but not soft in US like I saw last weekend. There are big, big braking bumps but it’s soft so you still can jump the braking bumps and stuff like that. It’s a lot more pleasure there.

And you also did the Supercross as well. Talk about how that season went for you.

Supercross was difficult for me. I tried a lot of Supercross the last two years. I wanted to do some top ten results but when I came there I saw it was very difficult because the level is high. There are maybe 30 riders who are fast who ride Supercross since they are 5 years old. So it was very difficult but I was progressing every weekend and at the end I think my place was between 10 and 15. For sure it’s not exceptional but for me it was good.

How did you live out there? What was your life like?

My team rented a house so we were 30 minutes from our team because we have a place there in the US. We’re just next to the track in Lake Elsinore. So I was trying to ride as much as I can, so 5 times per week in Supercross. Not a long practice but two hours riding then go home. It’s a different mentality in the US. They ride a lot, like 5 or six times. It was surprising at Glen Helen the day before, all the pro's were riding and putting some laps just before the race. It was surprising. But that’s the way it is in the US.

Obviously you’re back here. Was it always the plan to come back after Glen Helen or could you have stayed out longer?

No, we programmed this just for the race. For sure I wanted to stay more, but it’s so very expensive for my team. But we talked about it yesterday and maybe we’re going to plan to do some other races. That will be great.

Any specific races or still planning?

I think we’re going to choose a race like maybe Washougal, Unadilla. I don’t know yet, but I hope we go back to the US.

What about over here? What other races are you planning to do back in Europe?

I just plan to do Italy and after that I don’t know. But GPs don’t make my dreams. I don’t plan to do so many races. Maybe I’m doing some races because I want to race. I can’t stay at home doing nothing so I need to race, but I still don’t know what I’m doing next year. I want to show that I still can ride a bike.

It was just announced the Bercy SX. You’re going to be riding that? Are you looking to do that?

I don’t know yet if I’m going to Bercy. I’m still waiting for the contact. But for sure as long as the organizer from Bercy contacts me I will think about it but it’s going to be a nice race. So why not?

And how do you prepare for a year that you don’t know what you’re going to do?

Yeah, my training plan is quite strange. Like next week I’m riding more Supercross. Last weekend I was riding motocross in US. Last week I was riding 250. This week I will try 450. It’s a strange plan but I like to do that. I’m not a rider that I like to be planned. I’m a rider Tuesday, Monday…whatever, I’m going to start to ride Supercross next week but just for the pleasure.
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  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto