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Tyler Whitfield takes second at Race For Life BMX

Race For Life and Redline Cup Qualifier - Hobart, IN

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While winter clawed to make a comeback in the Midwest, BMXers from as far away as Southern Missouri and Central Minnesota beat a path to Hobart, Indiana for a much-anticipated Race For Life and Redline Cup Qualifier.

With moto counts in the 60s, and temps in the teens both days, many of the mains were easily national moto-quality.

In the classes, Jon Jon Rapp and Tyler Whitfield were wango-tango with each meeting (Rapp rocked, when he should have rolled in the second turn, first round, so he got a "bonus" trip second round).

In the main, it was Mr. Outside (Tyler) vs. Mr. Inside (Jon Jon), and still these guys were as close as bacon and eggs into the first turn. The finish? Alphabetical.

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Editor's Note: Tyler Whitfield was one of the winners of the TLD / Racer X / Vurb Moto helmet coloring contest for "A Day in the Dirt". The winners received a personal phone call from Troy Lee and a Limited Edition "A Day in the Dirt" AIR Helmet. Watch Video >
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