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Two Women - One Trophy Truck: Legendary Families Unite for 2013

SCORE Trophy Truck Season


Multi-championship off road racer Heidi Steele and 2011 Pro Truck champion Jessica McMillin will join forces embarking on a historical journey in off road racing this March 2013. Heidi and Jessica will become the first female drivers in the SCORE Trophy Truck division, the premiere class in all of off road racing, as they campaign the #14 Trophy Truck in 2013. These women come prepared with not only professional racing experience, but with generations of family history behind their endeavors.

In 1971 Mark Steele began his desert racing journey as he took the green flag at his first Baja 1000, and in 1976 Corky McMillin took off on his first Baja adventure. The two didn’t know at the time both would pass the “desert racing bug” on to future generations.

Corky passed his addiction of off road racing on to his sons Scott and Mark, who then shared their love and passion for the sport with their children, including Jessica. Cameron Steele joined his dad in the racecar starting in 1982 and then shared his enthusiasm for desert racing with his wife Heidi. All would love and share the Baja for decades to come. Both Mark Steele and Corky McMillin have ended up in the record books as winners in this fabled land of the longest nonstop off road race in the world, the SCORE Baja 1000.

McMillin Racing and the Desert Assassins are excited to announce the merging of these two historical off road families. Heidi and her husband, Cameron, created the Desert Assassins off road race team and the ladies will race as part of the Desert Assassins family. They will also have the full support of the Yokohama Tire Corporation who is one of their title sponsors. Heidi and Jessica will be the first women to campaign a full-time Trophy Truck. These two have been blazing a trail for women in off road racing as both have won the famed SCORE Baja 1000 as well as championships in more limited truck classes.

  In 2013, Heidi and Jessica will be full time competitors in the SCORE Desert Racing Series. This series runs completely in Baja, California and includes the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. The #14 will run other selected races inside the SCORE/HDRA combined World Championship series with those races to be announced at a future date.

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