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Two Minutes with Malcolm Stewart

TWMX Interview

  • Malcolm Stewart, Photo: Lucas Oil
  • Malcolm Stewart, Photo:
We caught up with Malcolm Stewart only hours after he signed with the Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda team for 2014. The younger Stewart is always a fun interview, and this quick one was no different.

So you got your ride all wrapped up finally?

Yeah it feels good to finally be on the Troy Lee Designs team, it’s a dream come true for me, really. I definitely had fun working with them in the 450 outdoors this year, and now that I’m racing for them for the 2014 season I’m actually really stoked about it. It’s nice to be on the team officially, and not just as a replacement rider.

Will you be on a 450 in Supercross?

No, I will be on a 250 for the West Coast 250 Championship, and then maybe some select rounds on a 450 for the East Coast and for sure a 450 for outdoors. I really don’t want to go back to the 250 but it’s a give and take, and I’m glad to be on the team and have a ride that supports me. I’m a little big for the 250, as everyone knows, but I know that the TLD Hondas run great.

Between now and Anaheim I, are you on the South Beach Diet?

Yeah, pretty much. If you look at my dad, it’s hard to swallow, but I think that’s what I’m going to look like that in 40 years. I’m a big boy! (Laughs)

So James got your mom’s body type and you got your dad’s?

Yeah my brother has my mom’s and I have my dad’s. It ain’t fair! Me and my dad are the fat boys, or whatever you guys want to call us. James can eat whatever he wants. Not fair. (Laughs)

Have you started testing on the 250 for Supercross yet?

No I haven’t even tested one yet. I’ve just been riding a little bit on the 450 for Monster Cup so I can make the main event. (Laughs) All I’m saying is that you had better be looking out for the number 34 because during those 10 laps there’s a lot that’s going to be going on and I might just take someone out. Yeah, the million dollars is great, but I’m going to make sure somebody doesn’t get it! I’m sorry, but if I can’t win the million dollars, it then someone else sure ain’t winning it either, and that’s for damn sure.

The Nationals last summer had to be fun for you, finally racing a 450 against James…

Yeah the Nationals last season were fun throughout the whole season. I enjoyed racing against James, and man, I so wanted to beat him! (Laughs) What pissed me off is that when he would beat me he was the cool guy in the house but when I beat him he wouldn’t let me even puff my chest out! I had to check myself. He’s faster than me, or whatever, but some days I can get him! I just need to do it in front of everybody so it’s known. (Laughs)

Read more about Malcolm signing with TLD here.
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  • Malcolm Stewart, Photo: Lucas Oil
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