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Troy Lee Joins World Famous Artists in LA for Charity

Hosted by: John Hensley and Joseph Hahn

  • Suru Los Angeles

Celeritas is a gallery exhibition featuring a collected body of work from a phenomenal group of artists who have come together to display their talent in a entirely new way. The gallery opening is Sunday, July 12th from noon to 8:00pm. The artwork will be displayed inside SURU until August 16th.

The platform for this collaborative of renown fine and street artists is both unique and truly innovative as they have chosen motorcycle helmets, motorcycle leathers, and for the show's centerpiece, a Suzuki GSXR 1000 as their selected medium. In addition to the original artwork, limited edition giclee prints of 10 pieces as well as limited edition T-shirts of 25 pieces will be printed to coincide with each artist's creation.

Perhaps most unique and innovative of all is the fact that 100% of the proceeds from the exhibition will go directly to Riders for health to aid in their continued effort to facilitate accessible medical attention to otherwise inaccessible rural communities in Africa.

Million of people in Africa continue to die of easily preventable and treatable diseases because health workers do not have the transportation to reach them. Riders for Health, an international nonprofit organization, provides a solution: developing cost-effective transportation systems to deliver care to wide spread communities across Africa on a regular basis.

Riders ensures that African health care workers have reliable, motorized transportation as well as the necessary training in riding, driving, and maintenance.

The vision and mission of the show is to raise money so the poor do not suffer and die for a lack of access to health care and other vital services simply because they are isolated by distance or terrain.

Artists include: Barry McGee, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Mark Dean Veca, Audrey Kawasaki, Jim Lee, James Jean, Stash, Futura, Jesse James, Jeff McMillan, Alex Pardee, Troy Lee, Usugrow, Estevan Oriol, Nathan Cabrera, and Dr. Romanelli

Update: Event Recap

Many people were in attendance but more importantly, a lot of people participated in the silent auction benefit for Riders For Health. All pieces up for auction were created by a phenomenal group of artists who came together to display their talent in an entirely new way - using motorcycle helmets, motorcycle leathers and a Suzuki Hyabusa motorcycle as their medium. All the proceeds from the entire show were donated to Riders For Health.

The "Fasthouse" Helmet, painted by Troy Lee, was purchased by Shia Labeouf, star of the new Transformers film.

For more information, visit the SURU Website.

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