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Troy Lee Introduces the new D3 Action Sports Helmet

Kokanee Crankworx - Whistler, BC

Last Friday night, in a crowded BC bar called "Savage Beagle", Troy Lee proudly unveiled the D3, the next generation of the popular TLD Daytona helmet, to action sports enthusiasts and media professionals attending Crankworx 2009 at Whistler.

It's been over 10 years since Troy first introduced the D2, and during that time TLD has accumulated valuable feedback from racers and customers, and studied the latest technology to design this helmet. TLD spent the last 3 years refining the design and improving the features that make this helmet unique.

D3 Tech Video >

The biggest improvements over other helmets are increased safety, with a thicker, more protective EPS, increased airflow with 20 vents, improved fit and comfort, and the most obvious feature, the distinctive futuristic styling.

The D3's EPS gains several millimeters of thickness in critical parts of the helmet, which greatly improved the impact testing results. The D3 also boasts a Dual Density Shock Pad System, a unique shock absorption system developed by strategically adding EVA padding to channels within the EPS. This system helps absorb smaller impacts and also greatly improves the helmet's comfort.

Another key safety feature of the D3 is the Emergency Cheek Pad Removal System, which allows medical personnel to safely remove the helmet of an injured rider by sliding out the cheekpads using a convenient pull tab.

The shell incorporates uni-weave carbon fiber, along with Kevlar and fiberglass for superior strength and a lightweight feel. The helmet also utilizes Titanium hardware.

Riders with larger head sizes will be happy to learn that the D3 shell was designed with them in mind. TLD put a lot of emphasis on a comfortable fit, especially in the larger sizes, and really succeeded in this approach. The wider range of shell sizes means the D3 is available in true XL and XXL sizes, a significant improvement over the D2.

For the graphics, Troy collaborated with Sam Hill and Steve Peat for their signature models. The Flame model uses some classic TLD flames along with race-inspired stripes and other elements. There will also be a plain Carbon style offered in the future as a Limited Edition.

The D3 helmet also has a unique visor designed specifically to be lightweight and aerodynamic, and to enhance the improved ventilation. Each D3 helmet comes with an extra matching visor, a premium TLD helmet bag, and a 3-year limited warranty. The US retail price will be $450.

The D3 surpasses all current safety standards including ASTM, CPSC, and CE for bicycle and snow. CPSC 1203, CE EN1077, CE EN 1078, ASTM F1952, ASTM F2032, ASTM F2040.

Check back here for more information, including availability.

TLD Comments from Crankworx

Epic conditions, fun with the team including the TLD Canada gang! Riding with Kerbs and his friend Shane was cool, and just experiencing such an outstanding mountain and trail system. Truly first class all the way. Riding with Ben, Trever, Greg Gilliam, and Troy was great! I have some good helmet cam footage I was just looking at, including a bit of Greg's crash right at my feet!

Kudos to Mike and Cody on the press intro. Great job, excellent participation by media and riders.

Really experiencing the excellent penetration we have in that market. Seeing all the people, young and old, men and women riding and enjoying a fantastic activity in such an amazing environment was truly inspirational and eye opening! Seeing the amount of TLD in use by folks that purchased it! Great job to all!

The VIP treatment by Summit Sports!

Hot Tub Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, post ride Sunday!

D3 party was sweet, was cool to see people's reactions to the helmet. Thanks to Mike Redding, Cody and Derek for setting it up and making it happen. Thanks to Troy and Bob for sending us all out to such a beautiful place, truly EPIC! So much Troy Lee Designs love at Whistler, it was sick. D2 was dominant and will be very interesting to see how the D3 does next year at Whistler.

Riding Crank it up (one of the easy trails) with Todd Kerbs, trying to hang with him, and I feel some people behind me, so I let them pass and it happened to be
a 5 year old girl and her Mom, and I see Todd Cerbs just shaking his head, looking at me in anger, HAH

I think Ben's mystery injury to the forehead is still my favorite. I seriously wish I could party that hard. Ha..

Tony sneaking beer into the hot tub for us the first day was pretty good.

Troy and Todd Kerbs calling shannon at 2am and firing him.

Troy and Ben running into the airport gate as the chick at the counter kept paging their names over the intercom.

Riding with Tony was awesome. I think he achieved death speed more than a few times.

Watching the slope style from the Sram tower was awesome.

Pizza at 3am is always good too.

Getting asked questions about the D3 all weekend was cool. I think most people there were really stoked on it.

A guy tried to buy my sport jacket off me for $2,000 bucks until he realized I made it myself (with Paul's help of course).

Actually getting home alive thursday night after one too many saki's....

Hitting the trails sunday morning and then hitting the hot tub with an ice cream in hand ( Thanks Bob! )

Not crashing and making my a-c separation even worse!

Hot chicks that can ride.

Tony getting passed by a little girl and her mom...

Getting to hang with Palmer and Cody all week always a laugh.

Getting to ride the first day and then braking my collarbone at the end of the day a high to low for sure.

The launch party went good that was fun closed the place at 2:00 with the boys from Canada.

To see how stoked are riders where on getting there D3s.

Tony's story about the mom and 5 year old girl passing him and Kerbs being pissed so funny.

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