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Troy Lee Designs Arrives in Brazil

TLD Brazil Now Open

  • Marlon Bonilha and Troy Lee
  • Marlon Bonilha, Troy Lee, Bill Keefe

The fastest riders in Brazil can celebrate. Troy Lee Designs is now operating in the country. The brand was launched on December 12th at Pro Tork Headquarters in Siqueira Campos, in the state of Paraná.

All the work of the company structure was done by Pro Tork throughout the past year. With it's experience and vast distribution network, Pro Tork has created the necessary conditions for the Troy Lee Designs establishment in Brazil, and make it possible to reach other countries in South America such as Paraguay and Bolivia.

Customers from across the country attended the event. The official resellers of the brand received their title from the hands of Troy itself. The founder of TLD was keen to present the 2013 collection to each of them, noting the quality of the items produced in the country including the Brazil SE3 helmet and entire casual line.

"I'm really happy to have a partner like Pro Tork. Our brands work fueled by passion. That was crucial to achieve this great business. The helmet has reached a quality higher than expected, as well as the casual clothes, with such a competitive price that may supply the world. I would like to thank the efforts of those involved in this project, "said Troy.

Marlon Bonilha, director of the Brazilian company, was equally pleased with the partnership, highlighting the importance of adding a brand that is so desirable to consumers, to the Pro Tork Group portfolio, and granting the access to Troy Lee Designs products with a price adjusted to Brazil.

During the press conference, which was attended by major media outlet representatives, other issues, such as investments in sports marketing, were addressed. Troy Lee Designs Brazil is monitoring events and athletes and soon will announce some news. One goal is to maximize the market promotion of bicycles.

Bill Keefe, general manager of the American brand, and Ricardo Gonzalez, commercial manager for Latin America, also attended the event. Also in attendance were authorities such as the president of the Brazilian Confederation of Motorcycles, Firmo Alves. The launch was a success, proof that Troy Lee Designs is here to stay.

TLD / Lucas Oil / Honda Team will be sponsored by Pro Tork

The established partnership is already beginning to yield good fruits in Brazil between Pro Tork and Troy Lee Designs. TLD / Lucas Oil / Honda Team now has the sponsorship of Pro Tork. Cole Seely, Christian Craig and Jessy Nelson will represent the team in the 250cc AMA Supercross - West Coast competition. Their shirts and bikes take the Pro Tork logo, as well as the uniform, promotional materials, truck and the whole structure of TLD / Lucas Oil / Honda.

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  • Marlon Bonilha and Troy Lee
  • Marlon Bonilha, Troy Lee, Bill Keefe

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