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Torres Wins NIGHT of the JUMPs Hamburg Day 1

FMX - Hamburg, Germany

At the qualifying stage, the contestants had to adjust to an innovation in the rules, with only two backflips now being allowed in the preliminary heat and six tricks of a non-flip variety having to be included. This change seemed to suit David Rinaldo and Dany Torres best as they dished up a tasty menu of tricks and used their two backflips for perfect flip combos. The two of them emerged from the qualifying round as clear leaders. Libor Podmol slotted in behind them and was joined in the final by Maikel Melero. The Top Six was completed by Brice Izzo and Jose Miralles who also showed a lot of style and multiple combos in their non-flip selection.

The German duo of Hannes Ackermann and Kai Haase missed out this time, with eighth-placed Ackermann in particular struggling to come to terms with the new rules. The early elimination of American star Brody Wilson came as a big surprise but at the same time seemed to spur him on to great things in the Rockwell Best Whip contest which he won with a sequence of incredible whips.

In the Maxxis Highest Air, X-Games step-up medallist Libor Podmol jumped a colossal 8.3 metres but then had to share the prize money with Maikel Melero who matched his feat.

There were no restrictions applying in the final, so the six FMX artistes unleashed their entire backflip repertoire. Maikel Melero executed a Seatgrab Flip but bailed out of the No-Hand Flip and another trick, which left him languishing in sixth place. A win on the night would have been enough to wrap up the title for David Rinaldo, but a bungled jump relegated him to fifth. Jose Miralles repeated his non-flip combos from the preliminary round but his flips did not quite rise to the occasion. Ultimately, he benefited from the mistakes of others and could count himself fortunate to finish as high as fourth.

Brice Izzo once again shone in accustomed style, performing a Tsunami Flip and assuring himself of a podium spot. He was then displaced from the hot seat by Libor Podmol who pulled out his new Switchblade Underflip combination. But it was not enough to win, because the night belonged to Dany Torres. The Spaniard executed a Paris Hilton Backflip, a Lazyflip, a Double Seatgrab Backflip and his Oxecutioner Flip to secure a second successive NIGHT of the JUMPs win (after Munich).

David Rinaldo continues to lead the Freestyle MX European Championship standings by six points ahead of Podmol and Brice Izzo. The title chase is now down to these three contenders, and the winner will be crowned after the second event of this NIGHT of the JUMPS double bill in Hamburg on Saturday.

A message from Dany…

Hi all!

This weekend it was a 2-day competition of the NIGHT of the JUMPS in the Hamburg O2 Pavilion and we had a lot of fun.

I went to the Teutonic country really motivated to do it well, and although I made a mistake, the outcome was very positive.

On Friday, it came out perfect and I was able to do some good rounds and get the victory.

The second day of competition I tried to go big to get the victory again, but probably I risked too much. I tried to start my round with a Hart Attack Flip in the Kicker, a very technical jump, and I failed. From there, I already knew that I would be unable get the podium. The level of riders is so tight that a minimum mistake leaves you out, so I preferred to slow down, enjoy my riding and not risk much before the next competition - Red Bull X-Fighters of Japan. I finally had to settle for a deserved sixth place, but I enjoyed myself a lot.

With hardly any time to prepare my baggage, I’m now on the way to Osaka, Japan, to participate this weekend in the fourth round of the Red Bull X-Fighters. I hope everything goes well and we can all give a great show in honor to our dear friend Eigo Sato.

In the mean time, take a read through this great interview by our friends at Forty8:
Interview with Dany Torres

Thanks to all for your support and a big hug,

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