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TLD Provides ACAT Ferrari with Unique Graphic Design

Bonneville SpeedWeek - August 11th - August 17th

  • ACAT Ferrari
  • Joe Moch and the ACAT Ferrari
  • ACAT Ferrari

Advanced Clean Air Technologies – ACAT Global, LLC, through JBR Motorsports’ Jim Busby, has transformed a stock production Ferrari 575 in an effort to break the current World Land Speed Record, at the Bonneville Salt Flats, during the Bonneville Speed Week, August 11th–17th, 2012.

ACAT Global commissioned the project in an effort to showcase the design and technology of the corporation’s new catalytic converter. Acquiring all technology and manufacturing assets of GM/Delphi’s metallic catalytic converter division, ACAT Global is currently producing the world’s lightest, smallest, most cost-effective, and greenest catalytic converter on the market today. GM/Delphi invested an estimated $500 million, during an 18-year period, to bring the technology to the point of full commercialization.

The leader in clean air technology, ACAT produces the cleanest, most efficient catalytic converter substrate on the market today. It uses one-third less precious metals, yet still achieves the same emissions reduction while reducing sound by 30 decibels. ACAT’s technology raises environmental standards across the board while also creating a significant cost-savings in raw materials used.

According to ACAT Global’s CEO Joe A. Moch, “The impact of this patented and proprietary technology has far reaching implications, not only from a business and manufacturing perspective but, something of even greater importance -- a profoundly game-changing global environmental impact.”

Transforming the production Ferrari 575 into a vehicle set to race in the Grand Touring class at the Bonneville Salt Flats during SpeedWeek, is a challenging, but distinctive, undertaking. Spearheading the customization effort is renowned endurance racing’s Jim Busby, whose JBR Motorsports has produced numerous race titles and nine World Land Speed Records.

Legendary Motorsports artist Troy Lee has been commissioned to create the graphics for the extraordinary French Racing Blue Ferrari.

The rareness of the undertaking piqued the interest of ACAT Global’s Joe W. Moch. Moch switches gears from international road racing experiences, to U.S. straight away speed, as he attempts to break the World Land Speed Record, of 232 miles per hour, in the CGT Class, aboard the ACAT Ferrari 575 - car #4013, mid-August.

The World Land Speed Record breaking attempt involves three days of inspection for the car, a Rookie Orientation, licensing, Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) requirements, a series of ramp-up runs and several progressing stages of control demonstration for Moch. During the 3 mile course, Moch will have to demonstrate an ability to control the car while staying within 150-175 miles per hour. Upon earning his 175 mph badge, Moch moves the ACAT-backed Ferrari 575 onto the salt for testing and must then bring the car to a speed of 200 mph in order to qualify for the record.

Overseeing Moch’s efforts, once in Utah and during the week long process, are Land Speed Record veterans Van and Kathy Butler. Together, the husband-wife duo have been competing and volunteering for the SCTA for many years; Van is SCTA Motorcycle Chairman and Kathy holds over 40 Motorcycle World Land Speed Records.

About ACAT Global
ACAT Global manufactures the world’s lightest, smallest, most effective, metallic catalytic converter substrates which improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines, fuel cells, and smokestacks by utilizing a unique and proprietary “herringbone” technology developed by Delphi/GM. Our metallic substrates also double as flame/spark arrestors and reduce sound equivalent to a muffler.

JBR Motorsports
A fully functioning race shop since 1969, Jim Busby’s JBR Motorsports has been turning out world-class cars that have fielded victories within most top race series throughout the world over the past four decades.

About SCTA
The SCTA is an all-volunteer organization comprised of 12 individual clubs. Our mission is to provide safe and friendly Land Speed Racing (LSR) events for racing enthusiasts in Southern California at the El Mirage Dry Lake and in Utah at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

About Troy Lee Designs:
For 30 years, Troy Lee has been customizing helmets "For The World's Fastest Racers." TLD's relentless commitment to creating products that exceed the cutting edge of style, design and quality, has earned them the reputation as an innovator in many different fields of racing. Troy Lee Designs has since expanded into a full force operation, offering a complete line of helmets, apparel and premium protection for off-road motorcycling and bicycling, as well as seasonal lines of sportswear and accessories. Based in Corona, California, Troy Lee Designs has a global network of distributors.

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