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Team Hancock Racing - Newsletter #2

Speedway - Team Hancock

  • Greg Hancock
  • Greg Hancock
  • Greg Hancock
  • Greg Hancock

A message from Greg Hancock:

Hi Everyone,

I have been a little too busy or slacking on my writing skills lately, however, I’m back again to keep you updated on my 2012 season.

The season kicked off in fine fashion for Team Hancock with a great win in the first round of the SGP World Championship in Western Springs, New Zealand. I could not have asked for more and so jazzed to start off where I left off. It was one heck of a trip with all the organizing of shipping equipment, travel etc but it was all worth it. One day after the event the whole team was packing up and heading back to Europe to start the European league racing 7 days later. Grooling for all the riders with jetlag etc but the racing adrenaline quickly took over and it was as if we never left European soil.

My Polish club Azoty-Tauron Tarnow have started off the season with a streak of success winning 6 out of 7 matches so far and 1 draw. Such a turn around for this club who have had rough run these last couple of years. We have a young team apart from myself of course but I can run with them as much as they can run with me :)! Together with coach/trainer Marek Cieslak, its a real please to be a part of this team. A play off position was my first and most ultimate goal for this season and its looking to be at least that. Everything else will be a bonus and I have my fingers crossed.

The Swedish league season with Piraterna started early in May and that did not have quite the bang that we had planned. It seems now that it was a good thing but we got smashed by rival Dackarna from Målilla in the first home event and that was a reality check for us as defending champions. We came back with a run of 4 wins after that before losing to another arch rival and VMS Elite from Vetlanda last Tuesday. There are some really tough teams in the league again this year so it will be an interesting final this year for sure.

After the GP in NZ, we came back to Leszno, Poland for round 2 where I battled hard to achieve 9 points in the qualifying and then seized my engine in the semi final and that was my night over with. Not fun but that’s racing.

Two weeks later we came back to Prague in the Czech Republic and I was ready to do it jump back up there again. I had a tough time in the heats however I took advantage of a good gate position in the semi final and took a convincing place in the final again. I finished with gate 3 in the final and made a big charge for the outside run through the first corner and slingshotted myself out of turn 2 only to be shut down by a hard charging Jason Crump while Nicki Pedersen ran away with the win. Sadly, my night finished with another engine break on the 3rd lap of the final and I 4th. Sometimes, the luck is just not there or maybe I just need to make better luck..

Moving on with another 2 weeks we came to Gothenburg, Sweden for round 4 and a track that I really enjoy. Practice went awesome and I was confident for a great result. Boy did that change when the tapes went up in my first heat. I got smoked in my first heat and then it was time to battle again. I realize that everyone is getting more and more quick these days and I am going to have to dig a little deeper yet again in order to make this long season a success once again. I scraped into the semi final and then won that giving me a good choice of gates for the final. I took gate number 1 and led it for the first lap before Freddie Lindgren set me up a treat and shot up the inside of me at the end of the first lap. That’s how it stayed and I took 2nd overall that night plus the took a 2 point lead in the standings.

We now head to Copenhagen, Denmark for round 5 this weekend and I will surely be giving it my all and pushing for more consistency. Its a long season and a lot of points are up for grab let alone that GOLD medal at the end of it. I am here for just that!!!

Thank you again for all your continued support and see ya soon!

Lets Go Racing!!



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