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Sulivan Jaulin Take Second in Sweden

Motocross - Uddevalla, Sweden

Sulivan Jaulin claimed second place for Bud Racing Kawasaki Monster Energy in the Swedish round of the European MX250 Championship at Uddevalla, and also holds that position in the points standings. Involved in the opening race of the French Supercross series, Valentin Teillet scored a fourth overall in Estillac.

In Sweden, Sulivan showed great determination as he got the holeshot in both motos - one on Saturday evening and one on Sunday. He needed some laps on Saturday to adapt to the track conditions as they were very different to the conditions encountered during the qualification sessions in the early morning. He eventually finished sixth. In the second race on Sunday, Sulivan also surrendered the lead on the opening lap, but he maintained pressure on the new leader to retake the lead at half distance. However, a single riding mistake proved costly as he had to surrender his position at the head of the race. He regrouped to finish second and, combined with his result in the opening moto, that gave him second overall for the weekend. The point’s haul also saw Sulivan advance to second in the series standings with two races remaining. Jorge Zaragoza, the Spanish teenager who led the series earlier in the year, unfortunately had to miss the Swedish round on medical advice as his shoulder has not yet recovered sufficiently to face the strain of racing.

Back on the 450 Kawasaki Bud after two GP’s with the Kawasaki Racing Team, Valentin Teillet was back to Supercross with the first round of the French SX Series. Despite some showers in the afternoon, the event was successful, but the track was pretty slippery in some sections. Winner of his semi final, Valentin got the holeshot in the main event and led the race during a few laps. With fourth overall for this first Supercross on a 450, Valentin has now three weeks to prepare for the next round in La Bosse de Bretagne.

Next weekend Sulivan will be in Hyvinkää, Finland for the next round of the EMX2 European championship, alongside Brian Moreau Strubhart qualified for the European 85.

Sulivan Jaulin:
“As in Italy both races were very different, and it’s time now for me to try to be more consistent. I got two holeshots, but on Saturday I lost too much time behind Clarke after he passed me during the first lap; the track was rough and slippery, very different to the conditions we had ridden in the morning as we have our qualifying session at 9 am and the race at 5 pm ! I tried to pass him back but didn’t found good lines and I finally lost several positions. Today I was leading the second race until I made a mistake, but anyway second is a good result as I also got second overall this weekend. But next week in Finland I must win at least one moto! I will be in Belgium this week to train with Jacky Vimond; I need to improve my riding in the sand as the last two races are on sandy tracks.”
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