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Stapleton Stuns With Podium Form Upon Return From Injury

Motocross - Wonthaggi, Australia

  • Photo: Jeff Crow
Raceline Pirelli Suzuki’s Geran Stapleton stunned in his comeback ride from injury on Sunday in the Wonthaggi Monster Energy MX Nationals, leading the majority of moto one in MX2 before slipping to third on the final lap.

It was a shock result for the talented Victorian, returning from a broken back and sternum after sitting out the Appin round, and displaying his potential aboard the RM-Z250.

The late moto one crash cost him the race win and his lack of race fitness showed in moto two on his way to an exhaustive 17th, resulting in ninth overall.

“I feel like in that first moto I threw it away a bit, with only a lap and a half to go,” he reflected. “All in all it was a good day considering I haven’t ridden but I’m just a bit disappointed to throw away a win in that first moto.

“In the second race I guess I just had nothing left after going all out in the first one. I kind of surprised myself this weekend, I hadn’t ridden at all since Broadford so I’m feeling pretty sore right now.

“I thought I was a little healthier than I was so I’ll take this week off and then it will be five weeks since breaking my back and sternum. Hopefully by the next round things will have settled down a bit more and I will be right for Murray Bridge.”

Team manager Chris Tisdale admitted it was a surprise of sorts after multiple weeks off the bike, giving the team a further boost following the strong run of results from teammate Ryan Marmont to open the season.

“It was a really impressive first moto from Geran, especially from someone who hasn’t had a lot of bike time in the last two weeks,” Stapleton said. “He went out, and although everyone gets a start like that from time to time, the fact that he held it on basically throughout the whole moto very steadily was pretty impressive.

“Geran didn’t get the same start in the second moto, but I think he took away from the weekend some positive results given that his times were pretty solid. One good one, one bad one we can’t complain too much!”

Marmont meanwhile crashed out of moto one in a heavy incident, before circulating to 11th in the second moto and salvaging vital championship points.
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