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Spanish FMX Tornado Torres Blows Away Opposition at NOTJ Day 1 in Basel!

FMX - Basel, Switzerland

  • Dany Torres, Photo: NOTJ
  • Podium Night 1, Photo: NOTJ
  • Dany Torres, Photo: NOTJ
  • Dany Torres, Photo: NOTJ

After the freak weather in Europe on Thursday, another storm blew into Basel the following day with the arrival of the world’s top ten freestyle motocross riders.

In the Sankt Jakobshalle, all of the riders were intent on scoring points towards the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship, but it was TLD's Dany Torres who took the 1st win of the 2-night event.

This is the seventh occasion on which NIGHT of the JUMPs has been staged in the Basel arena, and with the championship campaign having reached an absolutely critical stage, the tension was running exceptionally high.

As early as the qualifying round, a whirlwind of tricks was unleashed. David Rinaldo, Dany Torres and Libor Podmol were cracking one backflip flash after another and almost threatening to bring the roof crashing down. Clinton Moore was also firing on all cylinders with his proprietary Volt, his Nac 360 and his version of the Tsunami Flip. Maikel Melero managed to book the sixth and last slot for the final round.

Despite excelling themselves on the evening, Jose Miralles (ESP), Hannes Ackermann (GER), Massimo Bianconcini (ITA) and Kai Haase (GER) missed out in the battle for the final.

Bianconcini was competing in his first high jump event since breaking his wrist in XGames. The Italian seemed to have been edged out by Miralles who cleared the 8.5 meter bar while Bianco knocked it off at his first attempt. However, the world record holder not only sailed over the second time around but subsequently jumped 8.8 meters to secure yet another victory in the Maxxis Highest Air. Maikel Melero claimed the Rockwell Time Best Whip trophy in a face-off against Clinton Moore.

The storm clouds were brewing again as the finale got underway. The audience were ecstatic as both Rinaldo and Melero pulled off a Double Seatgrab Flip on their final runs. The surprise was great when even tricks of this magnitude were insufficient to secure them a podium finish. Libor Podmol also failed to make it into the top three, emerging uninjured after crashing into the barrier coming out of an Underflip Indy, but had the consolation of a tumultuous applause from the crowd.

The same outcome befell Clinton Moore as he executed a Seatgrab Flip, but he jumped straight back onto his bike to complete his run with a Nac 360, a Tsunami Flip and The Volt. This performance was rewarded by the judges with third place.

Brice Izzo celebrated a spectacular comeback in Basel with a new triple combo, a Tsunami Flip, an Underflip and various takeoff and landing tricks. Ultimately, though, the Frenchman was outgunned by Dany Torres, who fired off a salvo of Paris Hilton, Oxecutioner and Lazy Backflip.

In the World Championship standings, Libor Podmol and David Rinaldo were the main beneficiaries of the injury-related absence of reigning world champion Remi Bizouard. Podmol has now taken the lead with 82 points ahead of Rinaldo on 80. Bizouard meanwhile slips back to third on 72 points.

A message from Dany Torres…

Hi everyone,

I am just back from Basel, where the fifth and sixth stops of the IFMXF World Championship were held.

I went to Basel in a good shape and very motivated to ride my bike in a NOTJ event and get some good results. The qualifying on Friday and Saturday went very well and I got the best scores on both nights.

In the first day of competition, I took the victory and on the second day I was third. Perhaps I expected a better score by the judges on Saturday but the level is very high and all riders are riding very strong, so a victory and a third place in a World Championship is enough to be satisfied.

On the other hand, I am also happy with my performance because I had a very good feeling on my bike and I could even try some new tricks during practice sessions, while at the same time, preparing the next big date of Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid. It seems that things are going in the right direction and with a little more training I can get new big tricks in upcoming competitions.

Thank you all for your support and see you soon,
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  • Dany Torres, Photo: NOTJ
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  • Dany Torres, Photo: NOTJ
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