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Servia Successfully Qualifies for the Indianapolis 500

IndyCar - Indianapolis, IN

  • Photo: Michael C. Johnson
  • Photo: XPB Images
Pole Day qualifications were delayed one hour and fifteen minutes due to rain on Saturday, May 18. The first car went on track to qualify at 1:28 p.m. ET.

Oriol Servia took the green flag for his qualification run at 3:58 p.m. ET. He was the 31st car to attempt to qualify for the 500.

Servia's qualification attempt consisted of the following laps: Lap 1 - 39.6228 seconds, 227.14 mph; Lap 2 - 39.6664 seconds, 226.892 mph; Lap 3 - 39.7118 seconds, 226.633 mph; Lap 4 - 39.7196 seconds, 226.588 mph. Servia's four lap average of 226.814 mph was the 13th fastest qualifying run of the day.

The team elected to remain solidly in the field rather than withdraw their time and attempt to re-qualify in a higher position. Including today's 126 laps, Servia has completed 428 laps of practice at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Oriol Servia, No. 22 Mecum Auctions Panther DRR Chevrolet:
"Thirteenth is a solid place to start this race. I know we had a faster car than that. We ended up a little conservative on downforce, but that's a gamble you always take here.

If it was a normal day without the rain in the morning I would bet we would have gone out and tried to go faster. As late in the day as it was, it would have been risky if something would have went wrong.

We'll take 13th, we worked today on what was already a great racecar. We're very, very confident about the race."
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  • Photo: Michael C. Johnson
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