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Semenuk and Zink Both Podium at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes 2013

MTB - Les 2 Arcs, France

Fresh off an amazing performance a week ago at X Games that netted him a Silver medal, Smith Bike / TLD athlete Brandon Semenuk battled through a nasty crash during his first run in finals to take 1st place at Crankworx Slopestyle in Les 2 Arcs, France. With all of the world’s top slopestyle riders throwing down to the best of their ability, the competition was stiff, but once again, Semenuk stepped up to show everyone why he is one of the best athletes to ever compete in mountain bike slopestyle.

Heading into this season, Semenuk announced he was going to place a much smaller emphasis on competing so he could focus his talents on filming mind blowing segments for his own web series and a larger movie project. After stepping up and nearly winning his first contest of the year at X Games, Semenuk kept the fire burning and came to Crankworx ready to throw down. With some amazing runs being laid down during the first run of finals, Semenuk knew he had his work cut out for him if he was going to stand on the podium.

With a long course that had 14 features, Semenuk’s strategy was to trick every jump, so as not to miss a single opportunity to earn points from the judges. On Semenuk’s first run, he set up with a truck driver 360 into the dish, but bobbled the landing and flew over the handle bars off the end of the feature, flipping though the air without his bike and landing with a thud on his back in the unforgiving dirt. Shaken, but not stirred, Semenuk collected himself, hopped on his bike and finished his run throwing straight airs off all of the remaining features. Needless to say, the pressure was now on and Semenuk found his back against the wall.

There wasn’t much time to sulk however, as a reverse start order meant Semenuk would be the first to drop in on run #2. Just a few minutes later, Semenuk found himself in the start gate once again, and this time he laid down the run he knew he was capable of. Featuring plenty of 360 variations, including opposite side spins, truck drivers, and bar spins, as well as corked backflips and flipwhips, Semenuk tricked every feature and a tuck no-hander set him up for his final jump. Words cannot describe the feelings racing through Semenuk’s mind as he sped into the final jump. He knew he had put down 13 sick tricks in a row, but there was still this huge kicker directly in front of him that he would have to conquer. With the contest and his health on the line, Semenuk unleashed a massive corked 720 and landed with the grace of a champion, speeding into the finish area stoked on his run. One by one, the best riders in the world did their best to unseat Semenuk, but no one could match his skills and Semenuk held on to the win with a score of 91.33.

Watch the Les 2 Alpes Slopestyle replay from Red Bull TV.

Brandon’s TLD teammate Cam Zink suffered nothing but bad luck all day long during the slopestyle competition. After crashing on the first trick, a no footed can-can, that he landed numerous times in practice, he slipped a pedal on the landing and went down. When Cam went up for his second run, he was definitely after redemption from the first run crash, landed his first trick but blowing out his tire upon landing, putting an end to his day Cam’s. Zink’s Crankworx weekend wasn’t a total wash as he took home the bronze medal in the Speed and Style event earlier in the week.

Watch the Les 2 Alpes Speed and Style replay from Red Bull TV.

For the Slopestyle event, Brandon Semenuk competed in the White/Blue SE Pro Bike jersey, Semenuk Jeans, Ace Gloves and custom D3 helmet while Cam Zink competed in the Red SE Pro Bike jersey, TLD Work Jeans and custom D3 helmet. Cam mixed it up a bit in the Speed and Style rocking the Red/Navy Sprint Joker jersey and White Ruckus shorts.
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