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RJ Anderson 2nd Overall in 2013 LOORRS Season

LOORRS - Lake Elsinore, CA

The LoanMart Racing team headed to Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park for one last chance to do battle in 2013. On Saturday the final points rounds would take place; on Sunday the racers would be going all out for a big chunk of change. The winners of the Pro Lite and Pro Buggy Lucas Oil Off Road Challenge Cup race would each earn $10,000. The winner of the combined Pro-2/Pro-4 race would get $30,000. Whether it was for points or cash, things got aggressive on the track.

RJ Anderson ran in Pro 4 for the first time this year, but got a rough welcome when he was pushed into the wall in turn one on Saturday. His Pro 4 race lasted less than 2 minutes. He would DNF on Sunday too.

“I think we made our presence known with our qualifying effort,” said RJ. “Unfortunately due to the other drivers and some mechanical issues we didn’t finish in round 15 or in the “Carnage Cup.”

In Saturday's Pro Lite, RJ was doing what he does best - running up front. He was never outside the top three on Saturday, and once out front, he stretched his lead before taking his sixth victory of the season.

On Sunday, RJ fared much better than his teammates, but couldn't quite pull of a repeat of Saturday. The top ten runners in points would be inverted on the starting grid, but RJ was already up to 4th place after the first lap. In just two more laps RJ was 2nd. He began working on Justin Smith for the lead, trying every line and making every move to get around Smith to no avail. His aggressive driving allowed Sheldon Creed to close in and even get past RJ, but not for long. It all came down to a desperate dive down the inside to get around Smith in the last corner. RJ stuck his nose in but Smith chopped it off. Contact between the two sent RJ sideways headed towards the wall. Miraculously, Creed and Bradley Morris were door to door just behind and hit RJ in the door turning him back straight. All three were locked together as they tried to get traction. Creed squirted free to take 2nd and RJ crossed the line 3rd.

“In the Pro Lite class I think we were able to leave Lake Elsinore knowing we were the truck to beat,” says RJ. “With fast lap and the win on Saturday and the charge from 9th to 3rd on Sunday we made a strong statement.”

After tallying the final standings, RJ’s performance on Saturday was enough to overtake Sheldon Creed for 2nd place in the Pro Lite Championship. Although unable to win a consecutive championship he still earned an impressive 9 podiums and 6 victories on his way to his 2nd place series finish.

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