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Rennie and Delfs: Kenda / Morewood Suspension Test

From Dirt Magazine

  • Nathan Rennie

Dirt Magazine caught up with Kenda/Morewood riders Nathan Rennie and Mitch Delfs as they tested and tweaked their suspension setups with Olivier Bossard from Bos.

There was quite an international flavour to the weekend, with Rennie and Delfs flying in from Australia, Patrick Morewood and the Makulu DH bikes coming from South Africa and Olivier Bossard and the Bos crew arriving from France.

In three days Rennie and Delfs knocked out 27 runs with 23 different suspension setups. After every run Bossard and his technicians would have a fork with new settings ready to be exchanged.

Nigel Reeve, Rennie's mechanic, spent all weekend swapping suspension setups and now holds the world record for fastest fork change over in a Spanish layby.

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