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Race Report: Mammoth Motocross Classic - Big Bikes

Mammoth Lakes, CA

  • Tomac, Photo:

The big bikes hit the mountain yesterday and, as always, there was some good action that went down. Like previous years, there's an endless list of blazing fast kids who have come to do battle here on the mountain. The schoolboy class had a few eye opening turn of events from start to finish while there were some surprises in the pro class as well. Here's a recap of how the day of racing unfolded up here at Mammoth.

The first moto of the day was the first division of the Schoolboy class; Lance Vincent jumped out front and lead the way to the checkered flag. Jessy Nelson was on the gas as well and got off to a 4th place start and found his way into 2nd by the end of the first lap. He caught up to Vincent but was never close enough to make the pass for the lead.

In the second division Brad Frace was out front but Chris Plouffe took over early and road to the victory. Where was Eli Tomac this moto? He got off to a 10th place start and was able to get around Frace for 2nd.

It was bound to be an awesome battle as the Schoolboy riders lined up for the main. When the gate dropped, it was all Nelson out front with the holeshot. Tomac was sitting in the 3rd spot behind Frace who took off quick in 2nd. Tomac was on the gas and pinned it past Frace to jump in behind Nelson.

Tomac went into the next corner, grabbed too much throttle, did a full 360 and dropped into 3rd. That small mistake didn't phase the Factory Connection backed rider though, as he was quick to put the pressure back on Frace. Again, Tomac got around Frace and was applying the pressure on Nelson.

Tomac made his way around Nelson and checked out for his first win of the week. Vincent and Plouffe both were caught up in a first turn pile up and were kept out of the action for this moto.

Nick Palluzi was on the pipe as well and was able to work his way forward from a bad start to finish up 2nd.

While battling for a top spot, Tommy Weeck was looking fresh in his new TLD gear.

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