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Race Report: Gary Jones Racing at WORCS Round 1

Speedworld Raceway - Phoenix, AZ

  • Team Gary Jones Racing
Justin Jones #422

Justin's first race of the day was the 450 Expert Class. This is also a qualifier for the Semi-Pro Race (Pro-2) The starting line was a full gate. Justin got a great jump on the field and came out in 7rd place as they headed into the off road section. Came back in to sight in 4th position, which puts him into qualifying position. His battle with the other riders with very intense.

Halfway through the 60 minute race, Justin settled into a convertible 5 place position. On the last lap, just before the finish, Justin crashed hard, several bikes passed him leaving him with a 9th place finish. Not quite what he was looking for, but he still qualified for the Pro 2 race. Justin loves his John Burr Cycles '09 450F Honda, as far as he is concern, this is the best bike ever. Look for better finishes

Pro 2 Race Sunday (two hours long)

Justin got a start where he passed several riders on the outside of the first turn, and cam out in 3rd position behind JP Davis #123 on a Suzuki. Justin is really riding well, at 16, he is the youngest rider to qualify again. He came back into the motocross/endurocross section and headed to the logs where he stall his motor and dropped down to 8th position.

Justin kept up his pace where he would pass riders on the rest of the track only to loose the position in the logs again. Looks like Justin has his work cut out for time, practicing logs. He finished in 10th position. There again, not truly happy with his performance, look for him at the next race in Adelanto on February 20, 2009.

Greg Jones #242

Greg's first race was the 250F Expert Class. He got a great jump on the pack and with in the top 10 coming out of the first turn. Greg rode very well aboard his John Burr Cycle 250F Honda. His race was pretty uneventfull where he cam across the finish line in 6th place, but unfortunately with not good enough for qualifying for the Pro 2 Race.

Greg was forced to race the Open Expert Class. Greg's start was mid pack, due to the fact that we was racing against the open bike. Greg with running about 10th then he caught his hand on a tree and tried to dislocate his finger, this ended his race. Look for big thing to happen for Greg this year.

Breanna Jones #307

After finishing 2nd in the Womens C class for the series last year, Breanna was bumped to the next class, Womens B. She was extremely nervious, but Breanna got the holeshot and lead the race from start to finish and having the fastest lap time for her class. Breanna was riding very well.

Breanna also entered into the 250F Boys C class for the first time. She came close to getting the holeshot again, but the crazy beginners took her out in the second corner. She fell, but was able to keep her bike running with the next gate of riders came and knocked her down again. Finally after getting on her way, Breanna worked her way back up to 19th position out of 30 riders. Way to go Breanna!

Tiffany Vanderlip# 110

After winning the Girls 12 to 15 Class last year and the Womens B Class, Tiffany was moved up to the Womens A Expert class. In the Girls class, Tiffany took the win without a problem at the age of 14. In the Womens A Class, Tiffany took the Whole Shot and one this class as well.

Thank you to all of our sponsors: Honda, John Burr Cycles, Hinson Clutch, Yoshimura Racing, IMS, MTA, Garroco, TroyLee Designs, VP Racing Fuel, MotoMan, MotoGrafx, Motion Pro
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