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Prepping for 2014 SX: Shane McElrath

VurbMoto Interview

  • Shane McElrath, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Shane McElrath, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Shane McElrath, Photo: VurbMoto
Chelsea Stratso / VurbMoto

TLD Lucas Oil Honda's Shane McElrath is about to add supercross to his resume. The North Carolina native and 2014 rookie is prepping for his first gate drop in Anaheim on January 4th, and recently got a warm up race when he competed against top 250 riders Copper Webb and Dean Wilson at the inaugural SX Invitational at Milestone in Southern California where he finished third. We caught up with Shane as he prepares for his debut under the bright lights of A1.

Supercross is right around the corner, how has training been?

Training has actually been going really well as I have been mostly training with Brian Lopes and Seely since Jessy has been hurt and Malcolm spends most of his time in Florida. We've been spending more time on bicycles than I'm used to, but just after the first couple times I could already tell I was improving.

Speaking of teammates, how is it working with them? Do they offer up some good advice?

The whole team is like a family. From the team manager to the mechanics to the riders, we all get along really good. My teammates as well as their mechanics are always helping me out with technique, tips, or anything that I'm struggling with and it's an honor to be on the same team as them.

What has the transition from mx to sx been like for you?

Transitioning from MX to SX hasn't been too bad because I've always liked the tighter stuff. Before I came out West I had started riding SX at ClubMX and Brandon, as well as Mikey, are always working hard with me and so we really focused on getting ready to come out here.

Is there a certain round you are especially looking forward to and why?

There's not a specific round I'm looking forward to, but I'm super pumped for A1 just because!

You placed third in the 250 class at the SX invitational at Milestone behind Cooper Webb and Dean Wilson. It seemed like a good warmup, for the season tell us about that.

The Monarch Moto SX at Milestone was an awesome race to be able to do. I love to race, and it's great to just be able to race, but to line up with the guys that were there was a great warm up.

You got to match your speed against theirs, did it give you an idea of where you are at?

Yes, it definitely gave me an idea of where I am, and also where I need to be. It was good to see too, how they performed racing against them instead of just watching from the TV.

What are some of your goals for your rookie season?

My main goal is to go out every weekend and give 110%. I know what I'm capable of and I just want to go out and race to the best of my ability.

While we have you, who do you want to thank?

All the glory goes to God. It's been tough at times lately and that's been the only way I've made it through is to strive to keep my faith strong. My family has been behind me since day one and I wouldn't trade them for the world. The Troy Lee Designs, Lucas Oil, MAVTV American Real, RedBull, Honda team has blessed me with a huge opportunity. I can't thank them enough and Adidas, Oakley, Sol Republic, Specialized and Alpinestars. Big thanks to ClubMX for always being behind me and all my friends too! Thank you!
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  • Shane McElrath, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Shane McElrath, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Shane McElrath, Photo: VurbMoto

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