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Open Mic: Houston Interviews - Cole Seely

Supercross - Racer X Interview

Steve Matthes / Racer X Illustrated

Wondering what was going on with you a little bit out there after a great heat race. Then I saw you tweeted, looked like you had some rear brake issues?

Yeah, unfortunately got together with another rider going through the first rhythm right off the start. Luckily I didn’t get landed on but the side of my bike got landed on, the right pipe and my rear brake caliper and the side of my wheel. Like five laps in, I was thinking, what’s going on? I can’t stop.

So it was slowly going away more than right away?

Yeah. I didn’t even think anything of it. I was like, maybe I’m using my brakes too much, maybe they’re getting hot or something. And then I ride it halfway, I was pushing it pretty far and it wasn’t doing really anything. I kind of had to transfer all my braking to the front which is kind of hard to ride with on a track like this where it’s super slick. The front end wants to knife. Last couple laps it was gone. I was trying to do damage control because I got a bad start and then also trying to do damage control because I didn’t have a very good rear brake. Just a little bit of adversity that I had to face, but to walk away with a 4th from that is still good.

Eleven points down?

Eleven points still. It’s been a tight race all year, between Jason and I. It’s been fun. Anything can happen. I proved it tonight. It’s on to the next one.

For sure you’ve had some great rides in Seattle, in the ruts, in the mud. It’s kind of technical which suits you also. So it’s a long way from over. This afternoon though, we were like, what is up with Seely? You were 7th overall in your times. What was the deal? Were you worried? What happened in practice?

It’s hard for me to lay down a fast lap. I’ve always been like that. I don’t think I’ve never gotten pole position going into the race. I’ve been second or third here and there. I don’t practice fast necessarily, just go one lap sprint all out trying to… on edge, and then roll around the rest of it. I try and kind of do four laps together, one lap cruising, four laps together, one lap cruising kind of thing. I like to practice the track. I like to get a good feel for the track. I do try to get a good time but it’s something I’ve always struggled with. You can look back on paper since I’ve started and I’ve never been a great qualifier. But I know when I line up to the heat or the main it all just comes together. I’m a racer, I guess.

I think people don’t understand, it looked alright during track walk for traction and stuff but then as the track got beat down it looked slippery or some shiny spots.

Yeah, it was very, very hard-packed base layer I’d say. The top was deceiving; it looked like it was going to be a brownie out there, nice and tacky. But it would form ruts and then they’d push out. We’d get down to that slick base layer and it was tough. It was very deceiving.
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