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Open Mic: Fredrik Noren After Unadilla

AMA Motocross - New Berlin, NY

  • Fredrik Noren, Photo: Cudby
  • Fredrik Noren, Photo: Cudby
  • Fredrik Noren, Photo: Cudby
Chase Stallo /

TLD's Fredrik Noren, Team Honda Muscle Milk, went 8-10 for tenth overall in the 450 Class at Unadilla.

We were just talking about it you’re almost to that next level from where you want to go from ten to six. You’re close.

I’m so close right now I feel like, dude, just break into that next step. Eighth and a tenth for this weekend is really good. I’m happy with it but I feel like it’s time to move up a little bit in positions. But it’s good. Hopefully I can move up to the next step next weekend at Indiana and maybe get sixth or a fifth or something like that. That would be awesome.

And you’re consistently there, where in the past it may have been a tenth here and then a DNF or something. Now you’re consistently 8-10. But you want to strive for more because you’re that consistent.

Yeah, I’ve been working a lot on being consistent this year. It was kind of like past year—I was fast, but I crashed a lot. This year focus on maybe not… I wouldn’t say slow it down, but start thinking a little bit, maybe being a little smarter. Just being consistent.

The old, go slower to go faster?

Kind of that thing. So far it’s working really good. But also, like you said, now when I’ve been up, I’m up here at eighth, tenth, I want more. It’s a good weekend but let’s get more. It’s good.

This weekend your parents came in from Sweden for the first time in a long time. That had to be special.

For sure. They flew in Thursday. They haven’t been here since 2011, and I haven’t seen them since October. It’s pretty special that they’re here and cheering me on and just hanging out with them. We’re going to go to Niagara Falls tomorrow and do a little sightseeing and just hang out with them. They fly back on Monday, so it’s just a short trip for them, but for sure it’s really cool that they came out.

They were probably waiting for you to get in the big rig so they can come and hang out in comfort.

[Laughs] Yeah. They like this. They want to keep seeing me under this rig so they can come here too.
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  • Fredrik Noren, Photo: Cudby
  • Fredrik Noren, Photo: Cudby
  • Fredrik Noren, Photo: Cudby

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