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'On Any Sunday' to Film at Red Bull A Day in the Dirt

Film & Moto - Glen Helen Raceway

Eric Wright / Red Bull

'On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter' will be at Red Bull Day in the Dirt filming. Will you?

Red Bull A Day in the Dirt might just be the most entertaining motocross race in the world. It's fun times fun. Or fun squared. It turns out your teachers weren’t lying - math is applicable in everyday life. In this case, on a dirt bike.

During the final weekend of November, the apex of the motocross universe in Southern California will descend on the legendary Glen Helen Raceway to kick off the 16th annual running of Red Bull A Day in the Dirt. And this year, the race is going to be extra special, with filmmaker Dana Brown putting the finishing touches on his revival of his father’s iconic motorcycle movie, 'On Any Sunday'.

Bruce Brown’s 1971 documentary introduced the world of motorcycle racing to mainstream society, and earned an Academy Award nomination in the process. Brown’s own commentary guided the viewer through the trials of motorcycle competition, but with a distinct undertone to communicate why we do all of these things: because we love moto. Brown’s creation was the perfect motorcycle film because it was fun to watch, just like it is fun to ride a motorcycle, be it with your friends on the trails or on a 40-man gate on Sunday.

"The original 'On Any Sunday' film was what started my love for motorcycle racing and it still has a strong influence on my life to this day,” said Troy Lee, founder of Troy Lee Designs and longtime Red Bull Day in the Dirt partner.

Now, more than 40 years after 'On Any Sunday' changed the face of motorcycle racing, Bruce’s son, Dana, will continue the legacy with 'On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter'. Brown, along with a diverse group of motorcycle legends (James Stewart, Robbie Madison, Ricky Johnson, Roland Sands, Carlin Dunne, and more) will descend on the sharp hills of San Bernardino for what is now dubbed the “Woodstock of Motocross”.

What started as a one-day race in 1998 has turned into a highly anticipated three-day event that brings the racing community together to celebrate all things motorcycle. Red Bull A Day in the Dirt is frequented by top riders and industry legends as well as celebrities, Hollywood stuntmen and top athletes from other sports genres who ride dirt bikes.

With track laptimes around the three to four minute mark, the Red Bull A Day in the Dirt course is not your average motocross track. Racers navigate both of the motocross tracks at Glen Helen, linked by a course laid out in the pits and access roads to create a one-of-a-kind track for a one-of-a-kind race. The weekend culminates with the Coup De Grace, an endurance race that goes "until we decide to throw the checkers." Bring extra gas for that one, kids. Another favorite is the Moto-A-Go-Go race, a two man team race where competitors tag each other in lap after lap for 75 minutes.

It is a weekend dedicated to motorcycle racing, and having fun. Again, fun squared.

“To have Freeride Entertainment, and Red Bull Media House coming out to shoot this event for the closing segment [of the On Any Sunday film] is a testament of what it has come to represent to the community,” explained Lee.

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