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Dany Torres Wins X Knights Costa Rica, Podiums at X Fighters Mexico 2013

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A message from Dany Torres


It’s been a long time since I last wrote but here I am again. As many of you know the 2013 season has already started and it has started very well for me.

It has been a pretty bad preseason for all Spaniards riders because of bad weather but especially for me since I had to make a very important decision regarding the choice of my bike and all that with very few hours of testing. Finally I've decided to change my KTM SX 250 (2-strokes) for the KTM SXF 350 (4 strokes) and after 3 competitions I can confirm that the decision has been a success, I am very happy!

So far I've been able to go onto the podium in all competitions in which I have participated and I feel better and better with my bike. At the beginning of March I participated in the first test of the Ifmxf World Championship in Lithuania where I finished second. The course was small with short jumps and it was a bit difficult to perform my best tricks but I finally got a good result. The next stop was in Mexico City where the first stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters was held. Mexico D.F is 2,400 meters high and every year we have serious problems to set the bikes and they lose a lot of power. Here is where I checked that my new 4-stroke is a beast! Electronic injection made all the work alone and I didn’t feel the loss of power. I really enjoyed myself with the bike and got a second place in a crazy final against Tom Pagès which we dedicated to our friend Eigo Sato.

The last stop was this past weekend in Costa Rica and things went very well and I could get the first place ahead of Tom and Maikel Melero.

Now I have to leave you, I have hardly had time to unpack my things and I have to pack again as I am flying to Poland this weekend to participate in the next round of World Championship in Gdansk.

A big huge to all and see you soon,

Dany Torres
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