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Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Tyler Rosa

TWMX Interview

  • Tyler Rosa
  • Tyler Rosa
  • Tyler Rosa
  • Tyler Rosa
Steve Emter / Transworld Motocross

Rider: Tyler Rosa
Age: 15 years old
Residence: Perris, CA
Sponsors: Troy Lee Designs, Factory Connection, Lynx Racing, Maxima, Dragon, FMF, Works Connection

The Milestone round of the Spring Cup had one rider that stood out in the opening moto of the Supermini class.  Tyler Rosa catapulted off the gate and into a huge lead against the rest of the field.  A mechanical issue sidelined his supermini for the second moto, but Rosa jumped on his YZ125 and competed in the Schoolboy class as well.  Riding a 125 against a field of mostly 250F bikes, Rosa managed to go 5-4 for an overall 4th place in the class of 19 riders.  Having only spent a short time on the bigger bike, Tyler is coming on strong and building his skills on the two stroke bikes.

How did you get started riding?
My friend got a bike and I always wanted to ride, so I got a PW50 when I was 4.

Does anyone else in your family ride?
No, it’s just me.

Has your family gotten more involved with racing now with you?
Yeah, we really train hard for the nationals.  Yeah, we’re all into it.

Have you done any of the amateur nationals so far this year?
I’ve only done one national, the Mammoth qualifier 2 weeks ago here (Milestone MX), and then a Loretta’s qualifier.

Are you planning to go to Loretta’s this year?
I don’t think I will go to Loretta’s this year because I will probably be too big for the Supermini class.  I’m going to go next year in the 125 and 250 classes.

What are your plans this year to build up for next year’s nationals on the bigger bikes?
We’re going to do Mammoth on the Supermini and the 15.  Then we will probably do Dodge on the 125 and 250.  That will probably be it.

Why do you race?
Just the thrill and to have fun.

How was the transition from the Supermini to the 125?
The 125 is a lot better and you aren’t cramped on it.  You’re just free and can flow.

How is it racing a 125 against the 250F’s?
One of the reasons I ride it is because it is a good transition bike.  It’s tough but you can get them in the corners.

How often do you get to ride each week?
We ride 2-3 times a week, probably normally 3 times.

What do you do for training during the week?
Yeah, I run 3 times a week and do pushup, situps, and things like that.

What one professional rider would you say is the most influential or inspirational to you?
Eli Tomac, because he puts his head down and tries his hardest every time.

What brings you to the Muscle Milk/TWMX Race Series?
Just to race and stay in shape.  There’s a lot of people to race against.

What other things do you do besides motocross?
That’s about it.  I play video games, ride motocross and pitbikes and that’s it.
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