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Logan Best Qualifies for Loretta Lynn's

Amateur MX - Plymouth, MA

  • Logan Best
  • Logan Best
  • Logan Best

He may only be six-years-old, but Logan Best is about to experience the time of his life.

A dirt bike rider since the age of four, Best has qualified for the largest amateur motocross race in the world, the 31st Annual Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn.

More than 20,000 riders from across the country competed to take one of the 1,386 qualifying positions. Best earned one of those spots so he and his family will make the trip to Tennessee when the races take place between July 29 and August 4.

“I’m excited about going,” Best said. “I love riding motor bikes. Right after I got the training wheels off by regular bike I told my dad (Trevor) that I want to ride a motor bike. He got me a Honda 50 and I’ve been riding ever since.”

One way or another, you can usually find Best around a race track each day during the summer months. He competes almost every weekend on one of his seven bikes at tracks like Capeway Rovers in Middleborough, Winchester Speed Park in New Hampshire as well as at other tracks around New England, Florida, Georgia as well as in North and South Carolina.

He usually rides a KTM 50 bike in his local races, but he’ll be turning to an old favorite, his orange Yamaha 50, when the he heads with his family to Tennessee later this month. The KTM is a little more powerful machine and Best has qualified as an alternate in that race. They can get up to 25 –30 miles per hour as they whip around the race course.

“I can drive them pretty fast,” Best said. “I like getting up some speed and going over the jumps. I want to get better at riding around the corners of the track.”

Best is one of the over 20,000 who’ve spent the last four months qualifying for the event. The top finishers in area and regional qualifiers earn a spot into the National Championship race at Loretta Lynn’s. Racers may enter a wide variety of classes, from minicyle classes for children as young as four, all the way up to a senior division for riders over 50 years old. There are also classes for women as well as for both stock and modified bikes.

Best got the national tournament with the help of sponsors such as Bubba’s Motorsports, Loud Fuel, Jake Morrison’s Too Fast Riding School, Troy Lee Designs and Dunlop Tires.

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