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Kyle Redmond Podiums at Nitro Circus

Endurocross - Mesquite, NV

After his win at the 2013 Extreme Indoor Enduro in Medford, Oregon, Kyle Redmond came into the Nitro Circus event with confidence.

Saturday morning kicked off with Moto 1, where 30 Pro's lined up alongside Redmond. Off the start, Redmond sat in 4th behind Cody Webb and was in a hustle to make a move for the podium spot in the 20-minute moto. Near the last lap, Webb made a mistake that allowed Redmond to move ahead in time for the checkers.

Geared up for Moto 2, Redmond again charged for a top five position off the dead-engine style start. Digging deep in the sandy off-road section and tackling the elaborate endurocross section, Redmond's performance earned him a 5th place finish and 5th place overall in the standings.

But the weekend wasn't over yet, as the main event of the weekend was about to kick off. The sun had set and the top fifteen Pro's from the day's racing took to the lit track for the "Beyond Pro" race. A never-before seen event, the fifteen racers practiced the modified course that now included a freestyle ramp. When it came to race time, the bikes lined up alongside a handful of UTV's and ATV; some serious chaos was about to unfold.

Redmond's quick start benefited him as he was able to get ahead of the chaos and stay clear of the larger vehicles on the course. Eight laps later, Redmond finished an impressive second overall behind Freestyle icon Kenny Bartram. "I had a lot of fun at the Nitro Race. I'm really glad we all made it out safe! I've never raced against UTV's before and definitely wouldn't do so again. Thanks to the Nitro Cricus crew and the fans!"

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