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Kagy Takes 2nd in BMX Mega Final at Dew Tour

BMX - Ocean City, MD

  • Zack Warden & Chad Kagy
  • Results
  • Chad Kagy

Despite a few delays due to weather, the BMX Mega 2.0 competition was a huge success at the Dew Tour Pantech Beach Championship, all thanks to the best in the BMX business for sticking around to stomp their stuff.

Ocean City was just witness to some of the most insane BMX riding to date on the Mega 2.0 ramp as everyone put down their best runs and held nothing back. Each rider had four runs with only the best one counting making it a go for broke scenario. Vince Byron ended up laying down a banger run with a 360 double whip straight into a 540 double whip putting him in third. Chad Kagy was sitting in the top spot with a backflip superman to flair double whip all the way going into the final run of the contest with one guy remaining.

That guy was Zack Warden, and he came in ready to throw down. Warden sent a backflip bike flip 360 to a triple whip on the quarter for a score of 91.63, which tied him with Chad Kagy. In the case of a tie, it ends up going to the second highest score. "There was a lot of pressure going into the last run. I knew either way I was on the podium, so I just went for it and it all worked out," said the still ecstatic Warden as he hopped off the podium.

Warden’s second highest score ended up beating out Chad’s giving him the win. Needless to say, every single rider threw down and gave the packed beachfront crowd one serious show here in Ocean City. "If you are going high, it doesn't matter how groundbreaking you are," said Kagy.


1st Place - Zack Warden
2nd Place - Chad Kagy
3rd Place - Vince Byron
4th Place - Colton Satterfield
5th Place - Austin Coleman
6th Place - James Foster
7th Place - Steve McCann
8th Place - Kevin Robinson
9th Place - Morgan Wade


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  • Zack Warden & Chad Kagy
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