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Jacobellis conquers dangerous conditions at Winter X

Injuries abound as wet, lumpy snow falls on the X Games

  • Photo: Getty Images
Mother Nature chose a rotten time to deliver to the Rockies a much-needed dumping: the busiest day of Winter X Games 13.

And she delivered the worst kind of snow on an unseasonably balmy Saturday: wet and lumpy, mixed with rain, making fans sponge-like and causing generally fearless extreme athletes to worry about getting down Buttermilk Mountain safely.

Conditions were hazardous to poor, and weather was at least partially responsible for sending two competitors to Aspen Valley Hospital.

But gloominess and danger aside, many stars shone brightly, among them familiar names such as Jacobellis, Holland and White.

Lindsey Jacobellis, in a light snow, streaking to a 25-yard victory in the Snowboarder X competition. She makes a mockery of the competition and earns a second consecutive event victory, and another X Games Gold medal.

Jacobellis surged ahead early and pulled away from the competition with a final time of 110.619.

"This one feels great," Jacobellis said of her victory.

"I mentally prepare better for big events like the X Games and the Olympics," she says, prompting a reporter to recall Jacobellis' hot-dogging crash with a similar lead -- and her humiliating second-place finish -- at the 2006 Turin Games.

Perhaps she'll be able to put that incident to rest at the 2010 Vancouver Games.
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