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Interview: Meet Valentin Teillet

Supercross - VurbMoto Interview

  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto
David Bulmer / VurbMoto

You may not recognise the name Valentin Teillet, but if you've seen one of the awesome Bud Racing videos (Robbery at Bud, Three Musketeers or Bud Racing Promo), then you'll have seen Teillet's awesome style. Throw in some pretty insane speed and you have an instant crowd favourite, and one that'll be gracing the west coast 250 championship in 2014. We caught up with Teillet at Bercy to get to know him a little better…

How did the 2013 season go for you, it seems like we barely saw you at all?

This year I had an injury for four months. Then I took a a lot of rest. I started to ride directly in supercross because I love supercross. So I start to train September. Then I train at my own track. Then my manager spoke about going to the USA for the AMA Supercross. And after that I said, okay, maybe it’s good to do some races before like Marseille and Genoa and Bercy. So I'm feeling fit and I train a lot. So I’m going to see during the weekend.

So what happened to your GP campaign this year? What went on?

Actually I worked so much this winter and I was ready to get a good season and the season started good in Qatar. I won the qualification race, then I got a mechanical problem. So it was going good. I was ready to fight for the first place. But in the French championship I got a big crash and hit my shoulder. My shoulder came out and I had to operate on it. I stayed for four months without riding. It was a big injury and I wanted to take time. In the past I used to ride too early but I don’t think it’s good for the body. So now I take care of it, let it rest. I missed completing my GP season.

So in December you’re going to move out to California. Are you excited?

Very excited. Honestly USA races is my dream. Since I’m young, everything is huge there. Supercross is one thing I like a lot. When I take a supercross win, I take a lot of pleasure. I love it. I prefer that than motocross. When my manager talk about supercross in USA I was so happy, I say okay, I go with you.

What do you hope to achieve? How do you think your results will be or what do you aim to do?

It’s difficult to have a goal because I don’t know how is the level there. I never rode there so I can’t say if I can be top three, or I can be top five. But I’m sure if I train a lot I can be fast. The goal for me is to take a lot of pleasure. Take good starts and if I can take many time top 5 in the races then that would be awesome for me.

And then after the Supercross do you come back to the GPs? What’s the plan?

Yes, but the problem is now I am 23 years old and I can’t do MX2 anymore. This is a little bit shame because I like the 250 class. I’m feeling not enough feet. I’m not big, I’m small. To be 450, I’m not feeling ready yet. So I’m going to do some GP next year in MX 1 but all the series.
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  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto
  • Valentin Teillet, Photo: VurbMoto

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