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Interview: Justin Hoeft MEC Update

Supercross - VurbMoto Interview

  • Justin Hoeft, Photo: Garth Milan
  • Justin Hoeft, Photo: Masa Shirotani
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On Saturday evening, the Amateur All-Star class lined the gate at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas to battle it out like the pros at the Monster Energy Cup. After perfect rides earlier in the day, Justin Hoeft suffered a hard crash early in the moto. We caught up with the A class rider to find out exactly what went wrong and how he is doing.

How are you feeling?

I got home from the hospital Monday morning and I'm feeling alright. I broke my ankle and my wrist and I'm just really sore and tired but each and every day I'm starting to feel better.

What happened in that moto that led to your crash?

Just started off with a bad start which was the first problem then had a miss shift before the triple and came up really short. The night ended there. I hit the triple every time perfect during practice. I am extremely comfortable with supercross and felt really confident, just made a mistake and mis-shifted before the triple which caused me to come up short.

Speaking of SX, there have been a few people saying amateurs shouldn't be on supercross tracks. With your crash, what are your thoughts on it?

I actually think it's a great idea. I think I was really confident and comfortable and honestly that was one of the only big mistakes I made the whole time riding supercross, and it was a costly mistake. But it happens, and it's not going to change my opinion about it. I just made a mistake and it cost me, but it could happen on SX or MX.

I have to ask, if you had to take the Joker Lane in your motos, do you think you would have remembered to take it?

Yeah, and I think it would be cool if we had to do the Joker Lane as well. It would mix up the strategy and make for better racing.

So, what's the plan for 2014?

Just stay A class until Loretta's and then go onto Unadilla. That's the plan if I'm ready. If not, I might wait until A1 or Hangtown in 2015. I want to get stronger and put myself on a level above everyone. I want to be a little more dominant to prove to myself that I made the right choice.

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  • Justin Hoeft, Photo: Garth Milan
  • Justin Hoeft, Photo: Masa Shirotani

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