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Interview: Colton Facciotti After Nanaimo 2014

CMRC - Nanaimo, Canada

  • Colton Facciotti
  • Colton Facciotti, Photo: Direct Motocross
  • Colton Facciotti
  • Colton Facciotti, Photo: Direct Motocross
Chris Pomeroy / MXP Magazine

Colton Facciotti has certainly had a rough few years riding a dirt bike. After winning the MX1 title in 2011 Colton crashed out of both the 2012 and 2013 Championship title chase before the series was three races old. For 2014, the 26 year-old from Aldergrove, BC has once again switched brands in hopes of finding the winning formula. Armed with a potent 2014 GDR Honda Canada CRF450, Colton is focused and ready to put all of the adversity behind him and do what he does best, win races! We sat down with him after a very successful opening round that saw him tie Mike Alessi for the overall points lead.

Hey Colton, all things considered that seemed to be a pretty good day. It maybe wasn’t as good as past years but you’re tied for the overall lead in the series so you must be happy?
Yes, I’m very happy with how the day went, for sure. I certainly did what I came here to do. I wanted to stay healthy obviously, get some good points, and I think I accomplished both of those things.

Can you take us through that crash in moto two. I didn’t see what happened but I saw you hit the ground and you hit pretty hard.
I did hit pretty hard! I think it was on the first lap or maybe the second, anyway, I was coming through the rollers and Alessi was beside me. I had the inside so I wasn’t too concerned about it, but I saw him look over at me and then he just moved over and took my front wheel out! It was pretty dirty if you ask me. It’s been awhile since I’ve had someone do that to me.

I heard it was pretty dirty, in fact, I was talking to Kiniry about it and he said that when he saw Alessi do that to you he wanted to take him out. So it’s nice to know that you veteran Canadian series guys are sticking together.
Yes, for sure. I mean it’s racing and things like that are going to happen. Alessi is known for that stuff so I guess that’s what we’re in store for this summer. I thought I was pretty clean with my pass on him in moto one but maybe he doesn’t like getting passed so he was paying me back. I don’t think there’s a place for that type of racing at this level. I know that sometimes you have to be aggressive and even make contact, but you don’t look over at someone and then hack them off. He should be better than that!

Once you got up from that crash you made a great charge and got into third pretty quickly and then you caught Hill for second, but you couldn’t get by him. I know on this track that once you get close to someone then you have to deal with their killer roost. Was it a conscious thought to back it down and take third or was that just the way it happened?
Sort of, I caught Hill pretty fast and then he must’ve picked up on a few of the good lines that I was taking because he stepped it up a bit. After a few laps of eating his roost I decided that it was a good idea to settle for third and take the split in points with Alessi. I got to a point when I was thinking that everything was good, my bike was working great and I felt good. I was content so I’ll take a 1-3 and move on to Kamloops.

I know I speak for everyone here today and all Canadian fans when I say that it was great to see you back on a race track again.
Yes, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Like I said, I felt good today and it was great to be back. I just want to stay healthy for the entire series and hopefully be in the title hunt all summer.

You’ve won here on a Yamaha, a KTM and now a Honda. Did the Honda feel different than the rest or is it just Nanaimo and a bike is a bike?
To be honest I was a little nervous coming in with how the bike was going to work today. I mean, we’ve been testing a lot but you just never know. I was also nervous with all the fast guys coming up. You never know where you sit until the gate drops. However, I thought my Honda worked great today and the GDR Honda Canada Team performed awesome. We’ll take a tie for the points lead and move on to round two.

Okay, one more question: that pass you put on Kiniry in moto two, we don’t get to see you be that aggressive very often?
I actually didn’t mean for it to be like that. I dove down the inside of him and I know he’s one of the hardest riders on the circuit to pass so I had to commit. He must’ve sensed I was there because he started to move over to protect the inside line. I was committed so I had to keep going. At one point I thought that I was either going to pass him or we were both going down! Bobby is a professional though so he gave me just enough room to get by. I love racing that way.

Colton, thanks for doing this. Good luck the rest of the series and I hope we get to speak again soon.
Me too! Thanks Palms, and thanks for the cover on the latest MXP.
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  • Colton Facciotti
  • Colton Facciotti, Photo: Direct Motocross
  • Colton Facciotti
  • Colton Facciotti, Photo: Direct Motocross

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