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Hot Battle in Upper Austria for KMP Honda Respol Racing Team

ADAC MX Masters - Ried, Austria

In high summer temperatures, the second round of the ADAC MX Masters 2014 took place in Ried. The only foreign round of the series this year attracted 8,000 spectators despite intense heat to the track. For the team to team leader Alex Karg it was a weekend with mixed feelings.

For the KMP Honda Repsol Racing team journey this time went to Upper Austria. In the multi-Bacher district Asenham HSV Ried offered the pilots a well-groomed and nearly 1.9-kilometer route hard floor. With a total of seven pilots the awning of the team from ketch was well filled.

The two ADAC MX Masters pilots Filip Thuresson and Nikolaj Larsen traveled with similar conditions. The Swede Filip Thuresson has just recovered from a viral infection and is conditionally not yet back to 100%. He qualified as a tenth of his group and was able to enter a point on Sunday for Masters championship. The enormous heat made very Filip to create, yet racing practice is for him the perfect workout. Something similar happened to Nikolaj Larsen from Denmark. The Honda Pilot is struggling after a long injury break over the winter even with the mold. The training deficit is noticeable. Nikolaj difference in the first run from very early on. In the second race he was after the first round of the ninth in the top 10 in the course of the race he fell, however, but was uninjured thankfully. Also for the Danes every race is important to rediscover its former strength.

In the ADAC Youngster Cup, the Dane Jonas Larsen managed to qualify for the race on Sunday directly. The Skanderborg drove in the 1st run a good race and took 17th as four points. Was also in the 2nd heat Jonas already back in the points before he was stopped by a technical problem. With Emil Jepsen started another KMP-pilot in the Youngster Cup. Emil had already failed in qualifying and could not qualify for the race in Ried. The thirteenth place in the last chance race reached not to participate in the main race.

In the ADAC Junior Cup for the first time launched the Dane Bastian Boegh dam for the KMP Honda Repsol Racing Team. After a very good qualification and third place in his Guppe Bastian got off to a jet-black race day. With a total of four crashes in both races he remained in Ried without points. As a very positive development of the 12-year-old Pascal young man is seen. The Wuppertal was able to qualify the eleventh of his group certainly for the main race. For Pascal, there were no points on Sunday, but he was able to convince with good lap times were in the range of point ranks. A native of Mothern in France Yannick Scheurer could also qualify with rank sixteen in his group for the race. Yannick remained with rank thirty in the first round and a failure in the second race without points.

Team boss Alex Karg for the weekend in Ried: "I'm going home with mixed feelings. We still did not know that Nikolaj Larsen and Filip Thuresson at 100%. The conditions today have certainly not played in the cards after the injury or disease breaks both. Nevertheless, I have hoped for a bit more than a point. In the Youngster Cup we were with two pilots in the realm of possibility, Jonas Larsen is a safe driver points, with Emil Jepsen we have to work so he grabs the quality. The performances of both my Junior Cup pilots who voted me positive. Bastian Boegh dam has to be what he is capable shown in the qualification. He was very unlucky in the race. Pascal young man who drove two constant race. With him you can see quite a significant development, which of course makes me very happy. Yannick Scheuer also failed to qualify what was also the first goal. Unfortunately, he could only finish the 1st run. With my boys in the ADAC Junior Cup I was very pleased. "

See the full results here.

The next event of the ADAC MX Masters series in 2014 is on 28 / 29th Of June in the Swabian Aichwald.
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