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Hensley's CCRacer Returns with Season 2

Chronicles of a Club Racer

In Late 2012 John Hensley started a webseries, “Chronicles of a Club Racer,” that tracked his return to the race track after a number of years away from the sport. The five episodes followed Hensley’s progress, documenting the highs and lows of his experience as well as some of the broader aspects of motorcycle culture outside racing. More than just a race-by-race account of his exploits, Hensley wove in portions of his personal life and plenty of existential ruminations.

With another riding season behind him, Hensley is back with the second season of CCRacer, and the first installment is quite a bit different than Season 1. Hensley is only seen in the opening segment, suiting up for a ride down a typical surface street. No voice over, no grand introduction, just some riding footage before the focus turns to John Ethell and Jett Tuning.

Ethell featured prominently in the final episode of Season 1, helping to ensure Hensley’s bike was in top shape mechanically, but also serving as a mentor and advisor to the Club Racer. When frustration set in, Ethell was there to remind Hensley that you’re not going to do anything worthwhile on track if you’re not having fun.

Check out Episode 201 of CCRacer below and hear the story of how Ethell got into wrenching in the first place and find out what he has planned for the future. According to, “it’s going to be a different kind of ride…but one worth taking.”

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