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Haro Bikes at the UCI World Championships

BMX - Birmingham, England

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Team Haro Bikes / Derek Betcher

The UCI World Championships just wrapped up last weekend in Birmingham, England. I was on the full tour that started mid March in Chula Vista, continued mid April in Norway, then onto the Netherlands a month later, and finally the last stop in England for the World Championships.

In Elite Men, Khalen Young was a top 25 qualifier in the time trial out of a field of 175. Nic Long was top 16, so he was a contender in the Time Trial Superfinal for the World Championship jersey. He had a good lap, and was inside the top 10. Brooke Crain was also in the Superfinal, and finished inside the top 10 as well. Both were won respectively by Connor Fields and Caroline Buchanan, who have been the time trial winners at most of the stops along the tour.

The qualifying rounds of motos seemed to be a repeat of Papendal for Brooke and Nic, who both went 1,1,1 in each of their rounds. Khalen had an unlucky crash in warm-up that could have easily been a career ender. He probably shouldn't have raced, but gave a good effort that was only good enough to see him through the early rounds of qualifying.

Nic went on to win his quarter final from start to finish, and was several bike lengths ahead at the line. Brooke was headed into the first turn in her quarter final and got tangled up in the pack, going down hard and ending her day, and on top of that, a shoulder injury that could have her sidelined for a month or two. Unfortunately, Brooke needed to podium at this race if she wanted to go to the Olympics, so she'll have to focus on the 2016 games. Such an unfortunate break for her, as she was looking so fast in the earlier rounds.

Nic didn't have the best start in his semi, and was 5th in the semi final, a repeat of Papendal - just one spot away from the final.

I was the only rider left to represent Haro in the Vet Pro (Masters) main event, and was 3rd place on the podium behind Javier Colombo and Matt Pohlkamp. Those guys are fast, so I was happy with my finish. It has been a while for me, as I've either been at my desk, or in the infield shooting photos along the World Cup tour this year.

The Olympic team for the USA women will be represented by Alise Post and Arielle Martin, Brooke will be the alternate spot if her shoulder allows. David Herman was the winner of the Power Rankings for the men, so he will be the the first rider selected for the mens team, and Connor Fields will have the second spot, which is the Coaches Pick. On June 16th in Chula Vista, the Olympic Trials will be held on the London replica track. Nic Long, along with 7 other riders will go head to head where the winner will get the third and final spot on the London Olympic team. Be there!

I had a sweet time in England, and want to extend a big THANK YOU to Adam, Rob and the gang at Moore Large / Haro UK who had a Haro booth at the World Championships that was great representation of the brand. Cheers.

I'm home for a few weeks now, so I'll see everyone at Chula Vista for the USA BMX National and OLYMPIC Trial, mid June!

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