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Greg Hancock's Czech Charm

Speedway - Prague, Czech Republic

  • Greg Hancock
  • Greg Hancock
  • Greg Hancock
Double world champ Greg Hancock admits he would love to get his hands on “the little four-leaf clover” that is a Czech SGP gold medal as he chases title number three.

The 43-year-old heads for Prague on Saturday determined to reach his third straight FIM Speedway Grand Prix final.

Hancock finished fourth in Bydgoszcz and Tampere, but is determined to reach the top of the box in the Czech capital, where his 1997 and 2011 wins helped him go on and become world champion. Seven of the last 10 Prague winners have lifted the title in the same season and it’s an omen the Californian is keen to take advantage of for the third time in his career.

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe Prague is the little four-leaf clover everyone is looking for. If that’s the case, I’ll roll with it. I wouldn't mind having that under my belt," said Hancock. "Winning is not the only thing at this stage. Winning at the end is what counts. I’ve topped the podium twice in the Czech SGP and when I did it, I went on to top the World Championship rostrum too. I’d love to make it a hat-trick in terms of Prague wins and world titles and that’s a good, motivating way to look at it. I have such good memories from Prague and I’d love to win there again and see where it takes me.”

While Hancock is pleased his rock-solid form has taken him into the medal race twice, he is desperate not to leave Prague empty-handed if he gets another shot at the final.

“I haven’t managed to pull off a podium position, so I’m ready to step it up even more," he continued. "Points in every heat are definitely important and finishing last in two finals, as I did in Bydgoszcz and Tampere, gets you no points at all and it drives you crazy. You need every point you can get and you can’t afford to let anything slip. Zeros are always a no-no for me. I don’t ever want to let that be a regular thing. It really hurts to do that. I want to get points in every heat and I don’t want to do what happened in Finland and get two zeros before I get a three. Just getting to the semis is the No.1 goal at the beginning, though – you’ve got to be in it to win it.”
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