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Graffunder, Lanza and Eastman Collect Second at Glen Helen 6 Hour

Endurocross - Corona, CA

  • Husqvarna Team
  • Cory Graffunder
Factory Husqvarna's Cory Graffunder was joined by Jaime Lanza and Brent Eastman this weekend at the Glen Helen 6 Hour - the opening round of the 2013 JBC Endurance Series - where the trio rode their FMF/Stillwell Performance TXC310R to a solid podium finish.

A challenging 10.5-mile course through the hills and tracks of Glen Helen was put together by Dirt Bike Magazine's Ron Lawson and four-time national motocross champion Gary Jones. A combination of fast straights, rough ridges and over a mile and a half of fresh trail greeted racers, and though the morning started out muddy, the afternoon gave way to ideal conditions.

"It was really a last-minute thing," explained Cory Graffunder. "We decided two days before that we wanted to do it. Brent (Eastman) called Jamie (Lanza) and me, and we all showed up at the shop and pitched in to get the bike ready."

The TXC310R proved to be the ideal machine to tackle the technical trail sections of the 6 Hour course, where the team was able to make up time on the open-class 450s.

"It was really muddy and there were lots of long straightaways," Graffunder said. "We were getting a little bit of pressure in those sections, but I was able to put time on the other teams in the tight stuff."

The trio put the Husky TXC310R into a solid second place early in the race, and they remained there with over 10 minutes over the third-place team by the end. Graffunder, Lanza and Eastman were thrilled to land a podium finish.

"It's really cool being teammates with Jaime again," commented Graffunder. "We've always been good friends and we're both happy to be together on Husqvarnas again. Brent is also a hell of a rider, and we're glad he roped us into racing this at the last minute!"

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