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Dany Torres Wraps Up Red Bull XFighters 2012

FMX - Sydney, Australia

  • Dany Torres
  • Dany Torres
  • Dany Torres
  • Dany Torres

A message from TLD's Dany Torres...

Hi everyone!

I am finally back home after a long flight from Sydney where I was competing at the final stop of Red Bull X-Fighters.

My goal in this event was clear, do my best and secure my 3rd position in the overall ranking, a very good result after my bad performance at the beginning of the season due to my foot injury and surgery.

In Sydney we found some problems because it was very windy and the track had little space for run-ins and quite tight landings, so I didn’t feel comfortable at all and had difficulties in adapting to it.

During qualifying I had a sketchy landing in one of my tricks, I didn’t crash but my back was very painful and I had to see the medical service. Fortunately it was not serious and even if I was in great pain I could keep riding the competition the following day.

On the day of the competition the weather was not on our side, it was still quite windy and there was even some rain. However, in this competition you can find the best riders in the world so, even though the weather was not so good, we could see incredible tricks such as Front Flip one hand, Double Flip, Volt, 540º one hand… but unfortunately we also saw quite a few crashes..



Given the weather conditions and the pain in my back, I decided not to risk too much so I didn’t do some of my hardest tricks like Double Grab Flip or Flip Oxecutioner… I knew the 3rd position in the overall ranking was already mine so I decided to play it safe. I was eliminated in quarter finals by Josh Sheehan. I want to take the opportunity to congratulate winner Levi Sherwood and Tom Pagès for his second position after a great and incredible season.

I am really happy about this season 2012. I have finished the series in great shape and very motivated to work hard for the next season and fight for the 2013 title.

Many many thanks to my fans, friends, family and sponsors: Red Bull, Du Telecom, Cepsa, Troy Lee Designs, Oakley, Ktm, Gaerne, Bud Racing, Fly Group and Roturacing.

Big hug,

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