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Dany Torres Takes 2nd In Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria

FMX - Pretoria, South Africa

A message from Dany Torres

Last weekend I competed in the last stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters Tour held in Pretoria (South Africa), where the winner of the 2014 series would be decided.

I was still feeling some pain in my ankle and honestly I knew I had very few podium options but I wanted to do my best to try to get the best possible result in order to finish the championship in the best possible way. Finally, things went much better than expected because I could ride quite well in spite of my pain and also because some of the other riders made some unexpected mistakes. So in the end I made it into the final where I was defeated by the winner of the 2014 Championship Josh Sheehan (AUS). Congratulations to Josh for the title because I truly believe he deserves it. He has worked really hard to include several new tricks into his repertoire and he has been the most consistent rider during the season.

As for me, I'm super happy with the third place in the overall ranking this season which has probably been one of the toughest ones so far in my career. My injured ankle has forced me to compete gritting my teeth at each jump and I couldn’t enjoy too much riding my bike so I am more than satisfied with the final result. Looking back into the previous seasons, I realize that the last 5 Red Bull X-Fighters Series where won by 5 different riders, this simply shows how complicated it is to win this Championship.

Now, I have a break until October so I'm going to have surgery again in order to heal my foot and I will also take some time for a little holiday trip with my family.

Thanks everyone for your great support,
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