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Dany Torres Sixth at Red Bull X-Fighters Moscow

Red Bull X-Fighters - Moscow

  • Red Square, Moscow
  • Dany Torres

This weekend was held the third stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters series 2010 in the iconic Red Square in front of more than 40,000 spectators.

250 truckloads of dirt were needed to transform the Red Square in a spectacular freestyle motocross track where the 12 best riders in the world would fight for victory. The track was very technical and taking into account the high level of all the riders, a little mistake could mean disqualification, in fact, several heats were determined by mistakes of the riders.

Dany felt quite well in this difficult track in qualifying and took the fourth place that took him straight on to the second round, a good result considering his wrist surgery recently. Once in the second round, the match was probably one of the most complicated that any rider can face this year, the Norwegian Andre Villa.

Andre, a good friend of Dany, is in excellent shape and he showed it again in Moscow performing perfect rounds over the three days of competition. His first place overall is not just a coincidence, but Dany knew he had potential to beat Andre so he was not afraid and hit the track to give everything. His round also went perfectly and could have put Andre in trouble but a small mistake with the gearbox made Dany miss his final jump which cost him disqualification and the sixth position.

Although Dany rode with great caution in his first competition since his injury, this result was not as good as it was expected for the young rider from Seville. "I'm happy with how it worked with my wrist and the overall event but the result has not been as good I would have liked, I'm going home with a desire to train hard and take a series of tricks, I hope to surprise everybody in Madrid on July 22-23".

Following Dany's comments, we just need to wait a few weeks to see what surprises he keeps for us at the next stop in Madrid.

Results Moscow:
1) Levi Sherwood - 2) Nate Adams - 3) Andre Villa - 4) Eigo Sato - 5) Robbie Maddisson - 6) Dany Torres - 7) Adam Jones - 8) Cameron Sinclair - 9) Jim Mc. Neil - 10) Mat Rebeaud - 11) Alexey Kolesnikov - 12) Blake Williams

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