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Colton Facciotti to Gopher Dunes Racing TLD Honda for 2014

Supercross/Motocross - TLD Canada

Ryan Guald / Guaranteed MX

Read the official Honda Canada Press Release here.

This time of year the news you hear usually wraps around jolly St Nick and the Christmas buzz. Well thanks to Gopher Dunes Racing and Honda Canada we have some other news that has our attention. Three time champion Colton Facciotti has just signed a deal with the GDR Honda team for 2014. This was a small shock throughout the industry but the more it sinks in the more most think this is a great move for both sides. have a listen to the podcast I did with both Derek (owner of the team) and Colton and then read on to hear what some industry, old racers, and friends had to say about the deal.

Click here to listen to the Guaranteed MX Podcast with Colton Facciotti and GDR Team Manager Derek Shuster

MX Forum’s Rick “Hammertime” Hammerjackson

“I think Colton going to GDR is fantastic. It brings Honda back into the sport and I love the non factory feel of GDR, the family feel. I think it would be great if they could utilize Colton in some different ways other than winning Moto’s at the nationals. I think they should try and market him a little bit, get him all out in the social media, put some live interviews with him through those outlets, even just short Instagram clips of him railing a berm every few day. People want to touch and feel the champ. Look at some of the ways the big guys are marketing themselves now, Reed, Roczen, Stewart… The fans feel like they are part of those guys lives on a daily basis and that’s what keeps people in the game and feeling good about paying for their ticket. That type of accessibility will keep bringing new sponsors into the sport!”

Waspcam marketing guy Danny Brault

“Great move seeing Colton moving over to the Red Riders! After his brutal luck and injuries over the last few years, he could certainly use a Wing and a Prayer (right now Gauldy is shaking his head, wondering why Brault had to insert some “God” reference, but he can _____ it).”

“Don’t fear change; change is good and seeing Colt on a new colour, new duds and new team behind, may be just what he needs to get back where he belongs: on the box and band-aid free. Also, without the corporate strings attached (or less of them hopefully), let’s all say a prayer to see Colton on the line at the Toronto SX in March! That would get me more excited than seeing him mucking it up in all 9 rounds of the CDN outdoors, to be honest.”

Atlas Brace and Canadian AX ambassador Ryan Lockhart

“Change is usually a good thing and I believe in the case of Colton Facciotti making the switch to the GDR  Honda team is a good thing for. He gave everything he had for two years at KTM and the stars just did not align for him. The big team thing is not always as big and glamorous like everyone thinks it is and getting back to a smaller team made up of some of your best friends is just what I think Colton needs to be on top again.  He is now 25 and I feel like he’s taking a different approach with his racing. He feels that family is number one and with him and GDR teaming up it will allow Colt to stay closer to home which seems to be something he likes. I believe this is going to be a winning combination. Being on a “less corporate” team may expose the heart and personality of the multi time Canadian champ and give his fans a chance to get to see the real Colton Facciotti. “

Multi-time Arenacross champion Darcy Lange

“I think he will be better on a Honda.  I never thought he looked quite comfortable on the KTM.”

Former Honda Factory racer and all around good dude Chuck Mesley

“My thoughts on Colton going to GDR are; it’s a great move for him. It’s a Honda and everyone goes fast on a Honda just as Chad Reed, McGrath, JSR, Morgan, Carmichael (well he was fast on anything) have proven.  It’s close to home and family which makes it easy on life when this sport has so much traveling in it already. It’s a proven team as the past few years have shown. Their bikes have been in the battles and can run up front. I wonder if this will bring him to more races in Ontario with GDR being a local team? that would be nice for our area. With a rider like Colton it could bring them a title if he stays healthy. All in all it’s a good move for the sport and  puts more fast guys on smaller teams. Just like the good old days: love it.”

Super fan with all the answers Brent Thur

“Last steel frame I had was 1997. It’s done and over. Awesome to see Colton on the best bike made. Very exciting.  He’s going to lay a smack down on that sweet ass twin piper! All he needs in a red rear fender and she’s ready.”

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