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Chris Holder: Tough In The Rough

Speedway - Australia

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Chris Holder admits his injured neck and wrist cost him in the closing stages of the Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup Final as Australia fell two points short of gold on Saturday. The SGP star raced to 11 points in Bydgoszcz as the Roos bagged bronze on 36. But Holder was gutted he couldn’t score more after managing just one from his last two heats.

The Sydneysider admits the ZKS Polonia Stadium track offered plenty of grip in the closing stages of the meeting. But having suffered a broken wrist and fractured neck just six weeks previously, he was unable to make use of it.

Holder, whose joker win in heat six put Australia firmly in the hunt, said:

We had a patch in the middle where we were really good. Towards the end, the track just got a bit rough. To be honest, I couldn’t hold on that well in the rough stuff and that was the line you had to be on. Maybe if I’d had a few more meetings under my belt I would have been okay. But I couldn’t get through it and my last two races were pretty poor by my standards. I just had to try and make a start and get out in front. That wasn’t easy, though, with Poland and Denmark battling it out for the win.

Coming back for the World Cup was tough. I didn’t want to let anyone down. The Race Off was okay – the track was a lot slicker and held together. It cut up quite a lot in the last couple of brackets of heats on Saturday and the fastest way was to use the dirt. Every time I had a go at it, I wasn’t feeling it. But we’ll be back.

Third place is not ideal, but I think we did pretty well to get there and get on the podium again.
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