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Catching Up With Colton Facciotti

Motocross - CMRC Series

  • Colton Facciotti & wife
  • Colton Facciotti
  • Colton Facciotti &  Derek Schuster
  • Colton's first ride
  • Colton, Kyle Beaton (left) and JSR (right)
  • Colton signing his new contract
Billy Rainford / Direct Motocross

The biggest news to come out of Canadian motocross in a while is the recent signing of multi-time Canadian motocross champion Colton Facciotti to the Honda Canada GDR Troy Lee Designs team for 2014. The results of this deal remain to be seen, but many feel Facciotti is still Canada's best chance to take the MX1 title back from Brett Metcalfe next summer. After a couple injury-riddled seasons, Colton feels he is ready to come back and do just that with his new team. We caught up with him this afternoon to get his thoughts on that and anything else we could think of…

Hello Colton. Thanks for chatting with us today. With your new team signing you knew this call was coming. I wanted to come at it from a slightly different angle if I could so I thought I’d try firing a bunch of point blank questions at you and see where that goes. Where are you today and how are you doing?
Colton Facciotti: Hello, Billy. I’m not doing too bad. I can’t complain. I’m just at home (just outside Aylmer, ON).

First off, when did you actually sign this deal with the Honda Canada GDR TLD team?
It was the day after Derek (Schuster – Team Owner/Manager) got home from his honeymoon (so that puts it at last weekend).

Before those couple races with the TLD team in the states, when was the last time you rode red?
I raced a Honda for one season on 80s (he couldn’t remember what year that would have been so I guessed 1978 and there was an audible ‘chortle’). And the first bike I ever had was a little Honda Z 50.

Before this deal came together, had you been placing any phone calls to other teams?
Ya, I was just kind of seeing what was out there. Being a rider, I kind of have to look around to see what suits me. Obviously, there were a couple rides opening up and I made my best decision and decided to go with this team.

At any point were you worried there was going to be nothing available to you?
Um, my only concern was that I had gotten hurt the last couple years but at the same time I know how my speed was every year. Basically, I had some doubts but if I focused on that I wouldn’t get anywhere.

So, you’re heading to Georgia Practice Facility (GPF) after Christmas. Is Josh Woods setting you up in his house again or will you be out in a trailer?
I’ll be in my little 20-foot travel trailer. It’s good; I stayed in it last year. It’s a little small but for just me it’s good. I have everything I need there and I don’t have to deal with anything else.

The Florida Winter Ams go from Jan 4th to Feb 2nd – any chance we’ll see you lining up to race while you’re down there?
It depends on how I’m feeling on the bike. I’ve only been on the bike for about 10 minutes so its’ a decision that the team and I will have to make, whether I’m ready for it or not. It all depends on how the first couple weeks go.

What is your favourite off-bike training?
Probably just riding a mountain bike. I don’t mind road biking either but it gets a little bit boring. With mountain biking you have some jumps and hitting cool trails. It’s fun to ride with my wife, Jocelyn, too.

I hear you might have the green light to race a few AMA races. Have you given much thought to that?
Everything is still up in the air with making racing plans and what exactly the team wants me to do. Most likely it would be races after our nationals are finished and maybe the Monster Cup. We’re still talking about all that stuff.

Would you guys be down for the Motocross of Nations in Latvia?
Ya, for sure I’d love to go to the Des Nations. I’ve been 3 or 4 times now and it’s been really fun every time. It’s a great experience. There’s not really too much pressure and you just go out and race for your country. If everything was funded properly and we could get our bikes there I'd love to go.

Your past couple years have been filled with injuries. Do you use the fact that there may be some out there who’ve written you off as motivation?
I think a lot of people have written me off but there are a lot of people around me who are supporting me and have my back either way. I just hear on some forums (cough cough) and stuff like that but it doesn’t really bother me. I know I have the speed and I know I have the ability. A lot of things have to come together, especially in this sport with the way it’s progressing and the way you have to ride that fine line.

Do you feel you are now or have the potential to be faster than you’ve ever been? Are you still getting better?
Ya, I think every year I’ve tried to get better and I think I have. I feel that after just riding the Honda for a little bit I felt comfortable right from the get-go. I think I’ll be stronger than ever.

Was there ever a chance for you to work with Fox again this year or did you have to go with TLD because of the team (that was not supposed to sound like a slight on TLD at all)? And is Jay Moore (Fox) mad at you now?
Nobody’s mad. I called Jay Moore at Fox and told him the situation. It was out of my hands. Derek has a strong relationship with TLD. I’ve had a really strong relationship with FOX the last…I don’t even know how long. They supported me really well.

TLD is a great company and actually Troy Lee called me last night and just kind of welcomed me to the team so that was pretty cool and unexpected. I’m looking forward to it. It’s just one of those things that come with switching teams. You always lose a couple sponsors and you gain a couple sponsors. It’s kind of a draw I guess you could call it.

Two words: Red Bull?
Um, I have no idea. Obviously, they’ve supported me for the last few years also. I definitely would love to have them on board but everything is still up in the air with that. I’ll just have to wait and find out, I guess.

Have you guys ever thought about heading to your hometown and racing the Future West Kawasaki Canadian AX Championships? Is that something you’d like to do?
No, not really any mention of that for the fact that we’re still trying to get everything set up. There are a lot of things that have to be set up before we’d ever have a look at that deal. With me not riding I don’t really know how I’m going to feel when I get down to Georgia. We’re just going to play it by ear, basically, and see how I feel on the bike. It would be nice to do that though and visit with my family, but it’s all up in the air right now.

How does the new DMX office get a signed TLD Facciotti jersey for the wall?
Front page? (Have a look at our Facebook page, Colton!)

When are the babies coming?
No comment. I get asked that question daily. It goes in one ear and out the other.  Actually, I want to change my answer. I want to say Derek and Kerri (Schuster) are the first up as far as babies go.

How many hours a week do you play Xbox?
Oh, I don’t really know if I have an answer to that one. No, I put some time in. It’s good training for your reflexes. That’s why I get such good starts.

Where is your favourite place to go for dinner?
It’s got to be The Keg. You can’t go wrong. (Hello, Keg, go ahead and get involved in motocross!)

Who was your racing inspiration or idol growing up?
It kind of changed throughout the years but when I was younger it was the (Jeremy) McGrath era so I really looked up to him. In Canadian motocross it switched to JSR and Blair Morgan for sure. Pretty much those three, I guess. From 2005-2010 I always cheered for (Kevin) Windham because he was always the underdog – that 3rd place guy.

Country music or rap?
It really depends on what kind but I guess when you’re riding it’s going to have to be rap. Country puts me to sleep.

With Gopher Dunes Racing as your title sponsor, does that mean we’ll see you lining up at some early-season races there?
It’s fairly likely.

Will you be able to get home (BC) for Christmas?
No, I’ll probably just stay here since I’m heading down to GPF right after.

What’s at the top of your Christmas Wish List?
I don’t really need too much.

Are you going to beat Brett Metcalfe?
Umm, I would say it’s going to be a good battle. I’m heading out there to take the #1 plate back.

And for the bonus, Sons of Anarchy or Suits?
Ooh, that’s a tough one but I’m going to have to go with Suits. Suits is pretty solid.

My original idea was to word this in such a way that you could give us one-word answers, but I kind of blew it on that one. Thanks for the talk, Merry Christmas, and we’ll talk to you soon. You just never know who will show up in Georgia!
OK, sounds good. Thanks for calling. Good-bye.
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